Stop Wasting Energy On Worrying & Start Realizing Your Dreams

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After reading a lot of self-help articles, I noticed that most of them concentrate more on “kick-starting” ourselves and on the happy ending or the beautiful future that awaits us when we go for what we want. They’re missing the middle part, which is what happens in between having the courage to follow our dreams and actually succeeding. Let’s look at what it would take to realize your dreams

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Tips For Realizing Your Dreams

1. It is because it’s ugly, that’s why most people don’t really want to dwell on this part of the journey

When I finally had the courage to move out of my comfort zone, I’ve never felt so strong in my life. Sacrificing a big thing that I never thought I could live without gave me a sense of pride. The whole experience made me believe that I am capable of doing almost everything.

However, it wasn’t after a couple of months that everything started to sink in. I left my job behind to start my own small business and the consequences were much worse than what I expected.

2. Roadblocks are part of the journey. We can’t avoid them, but we can prevent ourselves from stopping dead in our tracks

With lesser income, I had a hard time managing my finances. While all my friends were partying on weekends, I was home working. When one of my cousins would ask me if I wanted to go on hikes with them, I had to say no every time because I couldn’t afford to go anywhere and I constantly had work to do.

This was the part where I began to realize what my dreams would really cost me and the sacrifices that I needed to make in order to make things happen. When I reached this point, I felt discouraged, demotivated, and stuck.

I started to doubt myself, thinking that I probably made a wrong decision and I often entertained the thought of having regrets.

3. Dwelling on worries wastes our energy

If ever you find yourself in the same situation that I was, this piece is for you – “5 Things Strong Women Do Differently in Relationships.”

A strong woman has the power to hold everything together even when things seem to fall apart.

4. Always remind yourself how strong you are and why you have to keep on pushing forward

When you reach a point of giving up, gather your strength together and look back; remember why you made the decision in the first place and how far you’ve come.

You’ve already proven to yourself that you are capable of making great decisions, now it’s time for you to show the world that you can get by on your own.

You’re not going to play the victim, you’re not going to wallow in self-pity and you’re not going to back down just because things become uncomfortable and life gets tough. Defeat is a choice. YOU ARE STRONG!

5. Turn your worries into something productive. Engage your thoughts by thinking creatively

Kathleen Elkins of Business Insider shares one of the daily habits that rich people do every day, thinking.

Successful people spend 15 minutes of their time every day thinking about numerous things such as examining their relationships, brainstorming ideas, gauging their happiness, and how they can be of help to others.

Simple habits can change your life. Don’t waste your mental energy worrying; instead direct your concentration towards formulating strategies, spotting opportunities, and finding ways to achieve constant improvement and innovation.

6. When you start to lose hope, change your state by enhancing your health and well-being

Fight stress by entertaining yourself, go and see a movie, or better yet, a free concert.

According to a study, attending live music performances can reduce a person’s level of stress hormone cortisol.

Though this research only focused on the endocrine impact of calm and classical music, I strongly believe that music, arts, and entertainment, in general, can influence our biological and psychological states.

Doing things that make you happy, like listening to your favorite song or watching a good movie can help you release tension and fight stress. It’s all about enjoying life in a healthy manner.

7. Concentrate on what’s important and don’t get distracted by the unnecessary things along the way.

Keep your focus on the things that matter the most.

Let’s say, for instance, your goal is to fix your finances and pay all your debts. Then stay on track by avoiding shopping for things that you don’t really need. Only buy things that are fundamental to your life.

8. Struggles will only hold you back if you only tell yourself that you are weak.

Anytime you feel a sinking sensation, persevere. Don’t let negative thoughts suck away your energy. Instead, explore it, identify its usefulness and set your mind to active mode.

Rather than waste your time thinking that you’re not good enough, focus your thinking on strategic actions to keep moving forward.


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