Learn to Heed Life’s Red Flags & It Will Greatly Improve Your Chances Of Letting In More Success

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A couple of years ago, a bad relationship decision my friend Christy made, led to an unforgettable night out.

Despite her parents’ and friends’ (including me) disapproval, she still decided to stay with her “married” boyfriend. To be fair, he is married, but not living together with his wife anymore. Christy believed that he was the one for her and that she wouldn’t be able to find another man who would be willing to put up with her craziness. In short, she was settling for less.

Unhappy with her choice, she invited me and 3 other friends to hit the club and just dance her problem away. When we got to the place, it was fully packed. But, it never stopped Christy from recognizing the man who was so busy grinding with another woman.

It was her boyfriend, having the time of his life, while she was trying to fight for him and for their relationship.

Christy created a scene at the club that night. It was kind of embarrassing but I was somehow glad that it happened because she finally learned her lesson and assured us that she would never go back to him and commit the same mistake again.

Sometimes, your happiness is between you and yourself. The things you do and the choices you make determine the quality of your life.

Here are 4 mistakes that you should never do to yourself to achieve happiness and lasting peace of mind.

Wasting Your Time on Things That Don’t Work

Ladies, life is too short to spend time with the wrong people. If someone wants you in their life, they will take care of you, treat you good and never do anything that would make you want to run for the hills.

Don’t waste your time on people who don’t see your worth. Be with the people who have seen you at your worst yet stay true to you and love you anyways through it all.

Also, never stay in a relationship for the wrong reasons. There’s no need to rush and force things. Love will happen at its own beautiful time.

According to writer Chamarra McCrorey, if you keep on seeing these 5 signs in your relationship, it means that you have to move on and start a new chapter.

• When there’s lack of trust
• When you are not a priority
• When your partner keeps on creating his own problems
• When you’re trying to change each other
• When you’re not helping each other grow

In my opinion, relationships feel great but they can be very frustrating and exhausting when you’re always dealing with the same issues all the time. When thesame problems keep on happening, then it’s important to take a pause to see things clearly and think more effectively.

Thinking That You Are Not Good Enough

One of the best things about life is that no matter how things go wrong, you can always choose to move forward and decide how you want to shape your future. So, don’t dwell on your mistakes and your failures. Try to grow up instead.

To evolve positively, you may need to do inconvenient things or go beyond your comfort zone to allow yourself to advance and develop. You have to get rid of obsolete and meaningless habits that don’t really contribute to your welfare.

And to help you secure time for the things that really matter, check this out – “Five Tips to Improve Time Management.”

More than just ordinary productivity tips, writer Kyle Bell provides ways on how you can actually evaluate your situation so that you can start making real progress.

Putting Your Own Needs on the Back Burner

It’s a good thing to be selfless or to put other’s needs before yours, but not when it reaches the point that you’re actually giving them power over your life. Girl, sometimes you have to help yourself too. You have to address your own needs too so that you’ll never lose yourself in the process of helping others.

Forgetting that you are also special and that your needs matter can be harmful to your overall well-being.

And speaking of putting your own needs first, there are certain types of food that could reduce bad bacteria in your system and help boost your mental health.

So, ladies, now is a good time to pay more attention to yourself. You can start loving yourself more by changing your diet to protect yourself from diseases and to become a better you.

Living Without A Purpose

Having purpose is your life’s driving force. It motivates you to do things, achieve and keep going in whatever direction you choose. Without it, you’ll just end up running away from everything that life throws at you. You will be lost.

To connect to your true and divine purpose, here are 6 practices that you can do every day.

The answers to the most pressing questions about the meaning of life lie within you. If you can come up with the right questions and if you can keep your heart open for the signs, your soul will recognize the reason for your existence.

Ladies, we are not created perfect for a reason. We are here to evolve and mold ourselves to become stronger. It’s never too late to shift your path to a direction that will lead you to have a broader perspective, better relationships and a more comfortable position in life.

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