6 Important Facts About ENFP Relationships

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Last week, I talked about what it is like to be in a relationship with a person who has an INFP (introversion, intuition, feeling, perception) type personality. Today I’m going to talk about what it will be like if you or your man have an ENFP personality: Extraversion, Intuition, Feeling, Perception.

People who have an ENFP personality are known to have some great qualities but, just like any personality type, you may find that there are also some personality traits that are difficult to deal with (depending what you prefer in a relationship). Let’s talk about what general personality traits exist here, the difficulties of being in an ENFP relationship, and the joys of the relationship as well.

#1) The Champion

Some people label people with an ENFP personality as “the champions”. This would be a generalization but the basis behind it is the fact that people who have this personality type are often inspiring, can grasp difficult concepts, intuitive, and enthusiastic as well. Let’s break down their categories a bit:


    • (E): outgoing, prefers to work in a group and in group activities, energized by social events

Intuition (I): imaginative, idea factory

Feeling (F): sensitive and shows their emotions quickly, loves cooperation, prefers harmonies

Perception (P): reluctant to commit, relaxed (professionally speaking), probes (asks a lot of questions), always has an open mind

So what kinds of problems might you encounter if you are in an ENFP Relationship? Let’s check out some of the more difficult-to-deal-with traits of an ENFP…

#2) Not Natural Planners

While people who have an ENFP personality are very devoted to their loved ones, they don’t do well when it comes to planning long term things.

So what can be done? If you know that you or your man are not the best long-term planners, try to come up with a plan together. Work out the passions and try to focus those into a long-term plan.

#3) New Things

Depending on the maturity level of the ENFP personality, their love for improvements and their “idea factory” style brain might become a problem when it comes to relationships. They will sometimes try to push their loved ones into new and exciting “adventures”.

The partner of an ENFP personality needs to understand that this comes naturally to their mate. If you are an ENFP person, you need to understand that just because someone doesn’t reciprocate with new ideas, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you. He’s just not wired that way.

#4) Affection

ENFP people have a tendency to be really “touchy-feely”. Normally in relationships, they attract people that are okay with that kind of behavior but because they are so passionate, they might not be satisfied with the amount of affection that is showered onto them.

If your partner is an ENFP personality, try to reciprocate his affection. Be warm and affectionate. Every now and then, by (or make) him a card, bake him cookies, show him that you do appreciate all that he does for you.

#5) Keeping The Spark

Luckily for their partners, ENFP relationships have a tendency to always be warm, affectionate, and exciting. This is great because their spontaneity, deep emotions, and their mysterious and idealistic tendencies keep the spark in the relationship alive.

#6) Heartache

ENFP personality types are so deeply involved and can devote themselves completely to the relationship, that if the relationship does fail, it could crush their self-esteem and send them spiraling into a deep depression. Afterall, after giving 200% in a relationship (it does come naturally to them), why would the re lationship fail?

Break-ups are hard to deal with anyway but if you intend on breaking up with someone who has an ENFP personality, understand that with all of the pressure he has put on himself and with all of the devotion he has had to you and the relationship, it will be more difficult for him to handle.

Explain your situation and point of view, acknowledge what he has done for you, and let him down easy. After breaking up with him (if you know his friends well), talk to his friends so that they can be ready to comfort their buddy.

It is human nature to want to categorize things because it helps us better understand the things around us. Categorizing personality traits is no exception. Our fascination with the human mind centers around the fact that we would like to better attain strong relationships with the people we care about. Well, that and (generally, as a whole) we are absolutely mesmerized by how the human mind works.

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