When the Struggle Is Real Ladies, There Is More Than One Way that Can Help You Conquer Your Dreams

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My best friend Michael whom I love from the bottom of my heart recently came out to me.

I feel like I always knew it since we were young, but I just wanted to let him be himself and decided to wait until he was ready to tell me himself.

Michael has the biggest heart I’ve ever seen. He always finds time to participate in community outreach programs and often helps homeless people. He also loves his family very much, especially his cute little niece and nephew.

I hate him for being so kind though. He has this tendency to be selfless to the point that it becomes self-destructive. I understand that his family is everything to him, but helping out doesn’t always mean lending money, right?

I am talking about his only brother, Maurice. Maurice, who is 5 years older than Michael, still lives in their parents’ house together with his partner and their 2 kids. He recently resigned from his job because that’s what he always does when he can’t stand the pressure of having to actually go to work.

Since his partner’s salary isn’t enough to cover their expenses, he always turns to Michael for help. And every time this happens, I quarrel with him like a mad girlfriend.

I know it’s his personal choice, but I don’t like seeing anyone abusing his kindness like that. I feel like he is partly to blame for it because he is allowing him to go on with his bad habits.

Then one day Michael started experiencing severe chest pain and I told him to get it checked out. I was glad he did.

He was diagnosed with early-stage Pulmonary Tuberculosis, which meant that he wouldn’t be able to go back to work for a couple of months until his lungs healed.  He used up all his savings and even ended up getting some personal loans to help his brother out. This was exactly what I was afraid of.

I am worried about him, but there is a bigger lesson here.

Money isn’t everything, until it is.

Many people say that money can’t buy class, respect, love, and the list goes on. However, they fail to mention what it can buy.

I hate to say this, but the world runs on money. Without it, life can quickly become pretty awful, pretty quick.

You need a clear and positive mindset in order to have a healthy personal relationship with money.

So, ladies, try not to freak out about “financial talk.” It is part of the universe, whether we like it or not.

In “6 Money Questions Everyone Should Asked Before Getting Married,” writer Sheiresa Ngo encourages couples to have an open discussion about financial goals and issues to avoid problems in the future.

Addressing your differences in spending habits and controlling them, having a tolerance for debt and always maintaining a safety net, and setting priorities can make your household and life more peaceful and secure.

Take control of your financial power.

It is true that planning our financial future can be daunting, but it is also empowering. So start making smart choices and investments.

This piece by Liz Weston titled “How to Invest When You Don’t Have Much to Invest” provides us with smart options on where to invest our money so we can have a life when we’re no longer working.

Be disciplined about your finances and keep your eye on the prize!

Always be mindful on how you use your money, girl. Don’t let the stores seduce you and always protect yourself from unnecessary purchases by sticking to your spending plan.

To help you do some smart shopping and reign in your budget, check out Camryn Rabideau’s “Building a Work Wardrobe on a Budget.”

My favorite advice is #5: Take your time. There’s no need to rush into making shopping decisions. It doesn’t make sense to get all excited and impulsive in buying something only to end up feeling sorry about it.

Reward yourself every time you’ve accomplished something financially but do it without spending money.

This positive approach will sustain your motivation and keep you from burning out.

So whenever you feel you did something right, reward yourself with some quality time. Enjoy a cup of peppermint tea while listening to a relaxing music.

You can also try to do a “Technology Detox” to cleanse your mind without spending a dollar.

How we think and feel about money determines our financial journey. To have a positive mindset means to fully understand that achieving financial freedom takes a lot of time, work and commitment. So, ladies, set your priorities straight and start being much wiser when it comes to money!

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