Grand Ascent is a brand dedicated to WOMEN like YOU! We’re focused on helping you to make more money, improve your love life, help you to be healthy and fashionable, and helping you enjoy your life!

Grand Ascent is a brand for women like no other! No one else really is going to focus on you, as a woman, being able to start your own business (even a simple, online home business), trade foreign currencies, build your business, enhance your career and actually EXCEL in life ~ and be successful!

Other magazines or TV Shows might focus on different “fluff” topics, which is a lot of fun, I have to admit. But, at Grand Ascent, the goal is to give you REAL ADVICE that you can actually USE to IMPROVE YOUR LIFE FOREVER! It doesn’t matter if you’re a business woman, student, a single mom, a housewife, etc. WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER ~ as women! So lets unite, and get the most out of life! 😉

Why is that important to you? Well, not only are you going to hear about the latest in fashion and maybe even the latest celebrity news now and then, but we want you quite frankly to GROW as a woman and to ACHIEVE MORE LOVE, MAKE MORE MONEY, & HAVE MORE FUN so that you feel confident and beautiful.. no matter where you are at in life! (By the way, our health & fitness advice will also help you who want to lose weight or stay fit..)

Oh yes, and I should mention that our Fashion Advice & Features aim to be the best in the world.

And when it comes to love, a topic that is so important to me, well we aim to give you the STRAIGHT, HONEST TO GOD TRUTH on things so that you have a fulfilling love life. These might not be the most POPULAR pieces of advice, but rather HONEST pieces of advice that will help you if you’re single, married, or dating.

As a woman, I am so honored and happy to be involved with something that I can truly be proud of. Here, we are creating something for you that you can consider to represent the “Next Generation” of women. Women who are intelligent, sexy, honest and beautiful! And YOU CAN be ALL OF THOSE. 😉

Aren’t you excited that there is something out there for you now that will help you to both grow as a person AND be successful? I mean spiritually, in a sense – from a loving place… just for women like you and I.

We are also aim to help the community and will have our own charitable causes. So be on the lookout for information on those to come.

So get ready for an HONEST, SEXY (yes, that’s right), and HELPFUL experience. We’re going to bring you Success Secrets & Self-Help Tips that will knock your socks off!

Now, you’re going to receive every Monday – Friday an issue of our online publication. So lookout for it! Also, we’ll add some bonus e-mails in there for you from time to time as well.

I look forward to talking to you more. And be sure to leave your comment below…