How To Get Back On Your Feet After Losing Everything

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Sometimes life is not fair. you give it all you have and in return, all you get is hurt and unhappiness. So, if you wonder how to get back on your feet after losing everything, you need to keep reading.

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“I am exhausted and I have nothing to give anymore. Though I am not perfect, I don’t deserve this! I want to have peace of mind and stop worrying each day that someone is going to betray me or stab me in the back. I don’t want to be like this anymore.”

Those were the things I told myself when I finally made up my mind to leave my cheating partner and move on with my life. It was really hard because we had been together for almost a decade and I was so used to living my life for him – washing his clothes, cleaning up our apartment for him, cooking for him, and trying to make him happy – so that he would never even think of leaving me.

But while I was so busy dedicating my life to him, I didn’t realize that I slowly lost myself over and over to the point that I couldn’t recognize ME anymore. Loving him made me forget my dreams, my career, my future, and my happiness.

Learn to love yourself again!

I felt troubled the day I decided to move on because I had no idea how to make it on my own and get back on my feet again. I was clueless as to how to pick up the pieces of my life since everything seemed so broken.

But what I realized at that moment when you have nothing, every single thing that you acquire and every little battle you win from there is something. Slowly, I was able to build back myself and create a new chapter of my life that didn’t include him – his consent, his approval, and his opinion. I was completely on my own and it felt so damn great.

How To Get Back On Your Feet After Losing Everything

Ladies, the good thing about losing everything is that you are free to do anything for yourself. You get to start with a clean slate and move forward positively and wisely. Here are some ways to come back stronger when you feel that your world has fallen apart.

Draw Strength From Helping Others

Helping others not only makes you feel good about yourself but it also makes you realize that you have the capacity to make those around you happy and that you have the power to positively impact their life. It makes you feel strong and confident about your life’s purpose, about what you can do and what you can create.

Let’s take for example the inspiring story of single mom Sofia Andrade, who decided to do a hugely selfless act to help a homeless man.

Winning $200 in the lottery means a lot to people who are struggling with their life like Sofia. But she chose to give the money to someone who needed it more.

She may have given away her prize, but she was able to build a lasting friendship, gain the respect of many people, inspire others to spread love and kindness and most importantly, make a positive difference in the world.

Focus on What You Want

Shift your attention from the things that you don’t like about your life to the things that you want to achieve. Take responsibility of your happiness even when it seems impossible and difficult, because that’s how you can create change and make things happen.

Let’s say you have made a lot of bad decisions with your money that resulted in a financial mess. Instead of dwelling on your debt stress and emotional troubles, restore control and your confidence by making changes in the way you manage your expenses.

Having at least $1000 to start your “Oh sh*t” fund makes good sense. It makes you feel secure, especially when dealing with unexpected circumstances, like the loss of income, random life emergencies, and other unplanned expenses.

Make Time for Some Healing

Take a pause from fighting, crying and sadness. Hold still for a moment and allow yourself to get lost in silence and peace. Take a deep breath and just let things be for the time being while you refresh your mind and refuel your spirit. Taking a break from the world allows you to recover from all the chatter in your head and find beauty behind your pain.

One way to compose yourself and focus your attention inward is to try Kundalini Yoga. Making this a part of your daily routine could change your life in so many ways by teaching you how to:

  • Uncover your contentment and be happy on your own
  • Take things slowly
  • Burn your Karma through cleansing, healing and increasing your functionality
  • Upgrade your mind in order to keep up with the changes around you

Extend Your Awareness

Many people are trapped in their own world meaning they only focus on the things that matter to them. The problem with this kind of attitude is that it makes you selfish and blind to see the other important things that make your life great, such as not getting sick, being able to afford to eat more than 3x a day, having a roof over your head and having real friends.

So, don’t be so self-centered and avoid seeking happiness and fulfillment through short-term materialistic endeavors and entertainment. Instead, do some inner reflection to understand why you do the things you do and how your actions can impact others.

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