5 Weird Celebrity Diets

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Celebrities do crazy things in order to either look “perfect” or to be the desired weight for their role in a movie or tv show. So when it comes to insane diet attempts, celebrities have it in the bag. Let’s go over some of the most unique diets in order to examine the insane way that people lose weight…and also to show you what *not* to do.

#1) The Baby Food Diet

Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon have both been rumored to have been on this particular diet. Jennifer Aniston is said to only eat 14 servings of baby food a day when she was getting ready for her role on “Along Comes Polly”. While the nutrients are there (hey, babies live on it, right?), it does seem a little bit silly and I couldn’t imagine being on this diet for too long.

#2) Seven Day Color Diet

Of all of the crazy celebrity diets out there, this has to be my favorite because the science behind it is great. Christina Aquilera has been in the news lately for gaining a bunch of weight and then dropping it all. Yep, she looks fantastic. Of course, in my opinion, she was beautiful even when she had gained all of that weight but I digress… So what’s her big secret? The Seven Day Color Diet.

Each day of the week, she focuses on a different color in her diet. For example, on Sunday she may eat foods that are white. On Monday, she may eat foods that are green. This is great because varying the color in your diet will vary the types of nutrients that you ingest. However, may I suggest, instead of focusing on a color a day, just try to hit the colors of the rainbow in every meal.

#3) Do Not Try This At Home

I’m only sharing this to show you an example of how crazy supermodels can get in order to achieve that “perfect” body for the runway. If you ask me, I would rather enjoy a meal with my man or cook with him in the kitchen than do anything to this extent:

One Victoria’s Secret model has been said to only consume protein shakes (which were combined with powdered egg), supplements, and a gallon of water a day. In addition to this, she exercises once or twice a day. Mind you, she hasn’t actually eaten anything. Not only that but right before she heads for the runway, she stops drinking all together. Since she doesn’t eat anything anyway – that means that she stops taking in anything.

Now, with that said, she (Adriana Lima) says that she only does this once a year and urges her fans not to follow in her footsteps (at least when it comes to this diet plan). She also consults with a nutritionist the whole time and goes back to her regular eating habits after the big Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

#4) Instant Vegan

When Katie Holmes is looking to lose weight for a role in a movie or TV show, she goes vegan for a limited amount of time. She normally has some carrot soup and yams for lunch and grabs the broccoli for dinner. When she gets hungry, she snacks on almonds. She also avoids most fruits because of how much sugar they have in them. Not to mention daily exercise to keep her fit.

What do you think? There are some vegetarians and vegans out there that eat only vegetables because they think it is healthier (not just because they don’t believe in eating animals). There are some drawbacks to Ms. Holmes’s diet because of the amount of and type of vitamins that she is consuming. If she were to be on this diet for a long period of time, there could be some health complications.

#5) “Air Only”

I’ve heard of some ridiculous diets (“Grapefruit Only,” “Hard Boiled Eggs Only,” even anorexia) but this one takes the cake. Madonna is rumored to have promoted this one. Apparently, you have your cook make a great meal and also make a saltwater soup. Apparently, (per diet rules) you are supposed to cut a piece of the meal (let’s say it is a savory steak), then hold the piece up to your nose, take a deep breath, then put it back on your plate.

Yup, you’re not supposed to eat it at all. Just sniff the heck out of it. But you can have as much water and that saltwater soup as you want. So, yes, this is a masochistic version of some unhealthy anorexic “diet”.

Not only does this *not* have any sort of nutritional value, nor is it healthy or safe. Let’s hope that this diet doesn’t take off.

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