Reinventing Yourself In More Ways Than One Will Help You Pursue a Happier Existence

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Have you ever made a friend in your life that made you feel free, secured and seemed to help you fit in with the society?

After getting out of a 5-year toxic relationship, my friend Liv was like the walking dead. Her life revolved around her job and nothing else. She was lost in the abyss of sadness and was just letting herself drift into nothingness. She had no direction and was just waiting for her future to find her.

One day, a credit card agent visited their office and offered pre-approved cards for regular, long-term employees. She was eligible to apply so she took advantage of the promotion.

The first time she swiped her card, she bought a nice watch as a gift to herself after everything she had been through. She felt happy and wanted to forget her past.

Liv found a new “friend” in her credit card. Whenever she felt stressed, she knew that she could always turn to her “friend” for some relief. It gave her a quick way out of depression. Indeed, she had depended on “her” in numerous situations.

Few months later, Liv slowly discovered “her friend’s” dark side. “She” would demand to be used all the time, even if it was totally unnecessary.  On many occasions Liv tried to break off the relationship, but “she” had taken control of her and become her master.

Upon receiving her last monthly bill, she noticed that she was paying a lot of interest and was racking up a debt she was struggling to pay off. To top it all, she realized that her “friend” had stolen a big part of her wages.

Liv regrets ever having met “her.” While she was trying to forget her past, she got herself tangled up in a situation she didn’t want. She knew she had to fight “her” and take back control of her life once and for all.

After receiving her paycheck that month, she paid off almost half of her credit card bills. She adjusted her lifestyle and avoided shopping for a good while. And to save more money, she started to learn how to cook for herself.

Liv also tried baking and when she started getting good at it, she turned her hobby into a side job and it eventually helped her pay off all of her credit card bills.

Reinvention means adapting to a situation. It’s a way of taking control each time a major shift happens in our lives.

It is choosing to adjust rather than letting yourself get beat up whenever you experience big changes, such as loss of interest in your job, bad break-up, divorce or something threatening your financial stability.

Reinventing yourself is also about finding new ways of doing things to keep on moving and to reach your maximum potential.

Moving forward is quite impossible if you’re stuck in the past and if you’re not thinking about your future.

Have you ever found yourself thinking about a person from your past and imagining how things could’ve been if you and him were still together?

“How to Finally Get Over the Different Guys Still Lingering In Your Life” gives us specific steps on how to get rid of those unnecessary thoughts in our heads that hinder us from moving on.

When you keep on replaying memories in your head, you’ll just end up burying yourself deeper in your own demise.

Creating a new image means pulling away from your old habits, setting new priorities and changing your self-perception.

Make a thorough assessment of your current emotional and psychological state. Identify the things that make you happy and try to rule out those that makes you feel off.

This article should help you understand yourself better- “4 Signs Your Hormones are Out of Whack + What to Do About It.”

Experiment, try things out and learn your limits.

Expand your horizons by looking for new adventure and by doing things FOR OTHERS to see you in a new way.

This concept applies to business, too. There will be times when a product has to repackage and improve itself to better serve the changing needs and demands of its consumers.

This is how Foursquare redesigned itself to offer more abilities to its users – “Foursquare’s Swarm Gets More Useful For Lifeloggers.”

Self-reinvention gives us a sense of fulfillment. It is all about believing that you’ll never know what you’re really capable of until you try.

Use your imagination, choose courage and be determined to make a difference and also, inspire other people to make changes in their lives.

It is not limited to embarking on a new career and learning something new. Reinvention is about opening opportunities and new ideas. It could be as simple as adopting a new puppy, familiarizing yourself more with the new technology or just getting in touch with old friends that you haven’t seen in years.

There’s no need to isolate or beat yourself up. Let go of things that caused you pain and be open to try new paths.

To make your journey of self-reinvention more fulfilling, here’s one more piece for you to take a look at,  “The Secret to a Happy Life, From a Harvard Study.” You’ll discover what 75 years of research has reveled are the biggest factors in finding happiness.


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