4 Traits Of Successful Women – Do You Have Them?

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Every woman I know wants to be successful. The definition of success might be different for you that it is for me, depending on what life season we’re in. But there are some traits of successful women that  are universal. And today, we’ll look at a few of them that are easy to embrace and move forward in your path to success.

Women in the workplace

Last night, I received a call from my friend, Shayne. She was crying over her ex-boyfriend who’s about to get married in a couple of weeks. While I was listening to everything she was saying and waiting for a pause so that I could say something, I realized that she wasn’t really feeling bad about losing her ex. But it was more about feeling insecure about her ex’s fiancé.

And I couldn’t blame her. Although she and the bride-to-be have the same level of beauty and intelligence, she’s way behind her when it comes to wealth. Shayne has loans, has long been living from paycheck to paycheck and can’t seem to ever get her finances in order.

Ladies, I understand that it hurts to think that you have been replaced by your ex with someone better than you. But instead of comparing yourself to the new girl and feeling bad about yourself, learn from your heartbreak, be a better woman and make better decisions in your life moving forward.

Traits Of Successful Women That Will Help You Rise To The Top

They know their worth

In order to thrive in this game of life, you need to have a strong sense of self. You have to exude confidence even when you are surrounded by people who don’t like you, who don’t support you and who don’t believe in your abilities.

You should embrace who you are as a person and avoid trying to be someone that you are not.

Successful women know exactly what they want. They don’t compromise their values and refuse to lower their standards just to make things easy for themselves or just to conform to the ways of the world. Instead, they hold their head up high and defend their beliefs and purpose.

In relationships, for instance, many people choose to settle for a partner they wouldn’t choose for themselves because of the fear of being alone. So what happens is that they become lonely because they miss out on the life that they want; they live out someone else’s idea of a dream and spend the rest of their life in regret wishing they could get out.

To avoid getting stuck in this kind of miserable romance, avoid settling with a person you can’t connect with in any meaningful way. It’s best to stay single than fool yourself all the time into believing that you’re not feeling empty and unfulfilled.

They observe self-discipline

Women who get ahead of their game maintain high levels of self-control that allows them to produce the result that they want. They don’t opt for the easiest and most convenient solution just to get rid of their problems temporarily. Instead, they adopt a long-term perspective and the mental strength necessary to tackle the tasks that need to be addressed.

So, stay focused on what you want and ignore everything that distracts you from fulfilling your goals.

Also, learn to manage your time well and never ever show up in any battle unprepared.

And to help you face your day with poise and strategy, Kat Boogaard suggests implementing these 9 tactics that will help you set yourself up for success as early as the first working day of the week.

They give themselves permission to be bold

Three years ago, I took a chance to make a risky move and took a job that was completely new to me: writing for social media. I was scared because it felt like I just took a leap into the unknown. I needed to familiarize myself with new tools and of course, the content and writing style necessary to attract my target audience.

It took me some time to learn everything, but the hard work was all worth it. Every time I see my work being published and being appreciated by my readers, I feel proud of myself.

If you’re serious about achieving the life that you’ve always dreamed of, take risks. It’s okay to make mistakes because if you don’t, you won’t grow.

Always challenge yourself to establish new limits and expand your horizons.

Avoid making that excuse that you’re not ready because there is never a right time to be bold. Things may not feel comfortable at first but that doesn’t mean that you are incapable. It may not go smoothly, but it’s the only way you can move forward and breakthrough your self-imposed restrictions.

They always look for the silver lining

People who have made their way to the top thrive on optimism. They see a growth opportunity in every mistake or failure. They choose to find the bright side of the challenges they face no matter how hard it may seem and invest their time finding solutions rather than dwelling on their problems.

Train your mind to see potential growth whenever you experience setbacks.

Are you ready to put these 4 easy traits of success for women to work in your own life? Here’s to your SUCCESS!

Every woman wants to be successful, yet many find it hard or even impossible. Don't let circumstances pull you down. These 4 traits of successful women are a good start towards achieving your goals. Use them as motivation to become better in every aspect of your life. #successfulwomen #habits #goodhabits #successhabits #positivemindset #selfworth #grandascent


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