5 Things That Are Bad For Your Skin

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Healthy skin is hard to come by. Your body is exposed to all the elements and unless you cover up from head to toe, there’s really no way to avoid them. And what you may not realize, it’s not just the elements that are doing damage to your poor skin. It could be your everyday life decisions that are causing more harm than good. Take a look at these five things that are bad for your skin. You could be doing a lot of damage without realizing it.

Things That Are Bad For Your Skin

#1) Skipping the Gym

As easy as it is to pass up on your workouts every now and then, it’s much harder on your body when you do. You’re not only missing out on the calorie-burning gym session, but you’re also depriving your body of the stress-relieving sweat session, too.

Sweating is great for healthy skin. It helps clean your pores and rids your body of any toxins. Exercising is also a great stress reliever, which is important for keeping your skin looking young and wrinkle-free.

#2) Too Much Junk Food

What you eat can also have a major impact on your skin. Too much sugar can leave you looking saggy. So try swapping out those chocolate bars with naturally sweet fresh fruits. And watch out for those salty treats. Too much sodium can suck all the moisture out of your skin, leaving it feeling dry and looking dull.

#3) Falling Asleep With Your Makeup On

One of the worst things you could do to damage your skin is to go to bed without cleaning your face. Sleeping with makeup on from the night before can clog pores leading to bacterial infections and acne. Plus, that leftover makeup then gets transferred to your pillowcase, which can make you even sicker.

It’s also important to clean your pillowcases every two weeks or so. When you’re sleeping, your face is shedding dead skin cells and those can accumulate over time, leaving you with bacteria and toxins.

#4) Long Hot Showers

While you think your body is enjoying the scalding shower you take every night, it is not. Hot water can strip away the outermost layer of your skin, causing it to become scaly and dry when you get out. So, consider a not-so-hot temp next time you decide to hop in the shower. Remember to “listen” to your skin when it gets red and starts to itch. It’s telling you it’s dying inside and it’s time to get out.

#5) Not Drinking Enough Water  (or drinking the wrong things)

Hot water may be a culprit to unhealthy skin on the outside, but icy cold drinking water is a whole other story. Staying hydrated throughout the day is your best bet to healthier-looking skin.

When your skin is dry, it’s not because you didn’t moisturize enough, but rather because it’s dehydrated. 

Caffeine may sound worth it now, but wrinkles in 50 years may have you thinking otherwise.

And I know alcohol always sounds like a good idea, but this time it’s not. Alcohol is working against your fight to stay hydrated, dehydrating you sip-by-sip, beer-by-beer.

It’s scary knowing everything you do on a daily basis can affect your skin now and in the future. But the more conscious you are about the cause and effect, the better prepared you’ll be next time you decide to skip the gym or forget to wipe off your makeup before hitting the sack.

Take care of your body and your skin will take care of you!

Do you suffer from dry, scaly skin or clogged pores? What do you do that causes it and what do you do to fix it? Let us know in the comments section below and don’t forget to share this with your friends and family.

Things that are bad for your skin


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