4 Simple Things Successful People Do to Give Their Life a Boost

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Last month, I had the opportunity to connect with my friend Christy on Skype. We were introduced by a common friend a couple of years ago and then we became party sisters and made many crazy memories together.  Christy used to have a 9-5 grind, but after working so hard and saving enough money, she started her own business and is now a very successful entrepreneur. In fact, she was on a two-week vacation in Bali, Indonesia while we were video chatting. Aside from her business, she also joins community programs that support environmental stewardship and animal welfare as part of her passions in life.

She certainly has an amazing life, but ladies, I have some good news for you. You don’t need to go to Bali to improve the quality of your life! Here are other essential practices that successful do to give their life a boost.

They Commit to Continually Bettering Themselves

People with huge positive influence understand that learning is a life-long endeavor and that it is never complete until their time on Earth is done. They are also aware that they are not perfect, that there will always be some room for improvements and time to experience new things.

In your career, for instance, if you want to make progress you have to work for it. You have to push your own career forward and be productive to elevate your professional reputation.  It took me a while to convince myself to apply for a higher position in my previous company because I was so scared of getting rejected. When I finally had the courage to put myself out there and advance my career, I discovered that the process wasn’t that difficult.

The moral lesson of my story is that you should never hesitate to go after something that will increase your knowledge, improve your expertise and make you a better woman. Don’t be afraid to take a chance and chase that promotion that you deserve.

To help you start your commitment to bettering yourself and even growing your professional reputation, check this out – “7 Great Things You Can Do For Your Career That Have Nothing to Do With Your Actual Job.”

They Always Set Themselves Up For a Positive & Successful Day

People who impact the world for the better know that the best way to feel awesome throughout the day and to get things done is by starting their day right. They set themselves up for success by creating the best morning routine that supports their goals and makes them more productive, creative and happy.

To start strong, I always begin my day with a simple prayer as soon as I open my eyes. It’s my own way of creating calm and setting my intentions. I express gratitude for being able to wake up beside the man I love and for the opportunity to enjoy life another day. I also ask for strength and guidance in getting my job done. In this way, I could set my mind to accomplishing my work and thus make my day a positive one.

Here are other ways to hack your morning and motivate yourself as soon as your alarm clock goes off:

• Spend a few moments with yourself to pull all of your thoughts together.
• Drink water to revitalize you and help jump-start your brain.
• Pick your poison to kick off your day and roll with it. You can recharge by playing salsa music or relax in the morning silence.
• Make up your bed before you do anything else to give yourself a sense of accomplishment.

They Follow a Healthy Lifestyle

For positive influencers, looking healthy matters more than looking smart. They know that the brain can’t’t function well when the body is not in good shape. For them, following a healthy lifestyle doesn’t only make them feel good, but it also helps them achieve clearer thinking and make better decisions.

Ladies, maintaining a fit and healthy body shows the attention you give to your health, your discipline, and your ability to motivate yourself, not to mention an attitude essential to becoming a good leader and a powerful influencer.

So, make a conscious effort to break those bad habits and start making your commitment to a healthy lifestyle by implementing these 7 secrets of healthy people in your life.

I think one of the techniques that could work for me right now is #6: Taking A Time Out. Spending time self-nurturing or pampering myself for a couple of hours at the spa never fails to recharge my energy.

They Spend Time With People Who Makes Them Happy

Successful people spend time building mutually-supportive and authentic relationships. They don’t waste their time on those toxic ones who are not loyal, dishonest, and just come around when they need them and are not making an effort to help themselves. Instead, they invest their energy on those who inspire them and bring happiness in their life.

And speaking of spending time with people you love, writer Stan Tatkin suggests that having “A Song” can help save a rocky relationship and reignite your loving connection.

Music has its own magic in making people fall in love again. So, the next time you’re going on a trip or just have a dinner in your home, make it more romantic by putting on some music to rekindle old feelings and sweet memories.


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