Here’s How to Avoid Letting a Bad Decision Ruin Your Life

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Shelby was in a 7-year relationship with her first boyfriend, James. Recently James broke up with her for reasons he couldn’t seem to justify. He told her that he couldn’t believe how much his world revolved around her and that he needed some time alone, away from her.

Basically, there’s nothing she can do, right? The man whom she devoted almost a decade of her life to just chose to leave her. She was in a lot of pain so she just decided to keep herself busy at work.

Shelby has a very hectic and demanding job as a magazine journalist. The idea of her break-up didn’t really sink until one night while she was working on a deadline; she just snapped and decided to do something totally out of character.

She went to her wardrobe, put a sexy dress on and doubled the coat of her mascara before hitting the club. She was determined to say yes to a “fair opportunity” that would come her way that night.

So when she met this gorgeous model, she took it like a pro. One thing led to another and she had a one night stand with a complete stranger.

Pleasurable enough, it was somehow a liberating experience. She was able to validate herself that she is still attractive and likeable.

Who are we to judge a woman scorned?

The next morning, she felt emotionally deflated and disappointed in herself. She blamed James for what she did.

There are many things that Shelby overlooked that night. Though her rationale was blinded by her heartache, she knew hooking up with a stranger was risky and unacceptable.

What if this guy was deranged and tried to hurt her? What if she got pregnant? What if she contracted an STD?

Ladies, this type of craziness that some of us get into cannot go on. When we make a mistake like this and we manage to get out of it alive, we should consider ourselves lucky to have a chance at a second life.

Sometimes, all it takes is one time.

When we come to realize our mistake, we should learn from it the first time. We should avoid repeating the same old crap over and over again.

In “How the Habit of Minimizing Could Be Why You’re Never Sure of Yourself,” writer Irene Koutsidis shares her experience on how she handles issues in her life.

She’s a self-confessed “minimizer,” someone who turns a major situation into something less than what it is.

In some ways, aren’t we all guilty of being a minimizer?

When we are in denial, we tend to underestimate a situation that actually has a potential to destroy our whole being.

Just like what happened to Shelby.

If she confronted her ex and told him everything she wanted to say the moment he broke up with her, don’t you think that the burden in her heart would be lighter?

But why do you think she hesitated?

Low self-esteem can have some pretty huge negative effects in our lives.

It disables you from treating yourself better. In your mind, you are less valuable than you think, you are not beautiful enough, and you don’t deserve good relationships.

Ladies, we have to claim our right to success, fulfillment and happiness!

In the piece “Who Am I Anyway? 5 Ways to Identify and Address Low Self-Esteem,” Amanda Richardson shares advice on how to develop confidence.

Life is not always pretty. There will be times when you will feel like it won’t get any better. However, if you know the difference between your abilities and things that you cannot control, then you understand that there’s nothing else to do but to move forward.

Your self-esteem affects what you will become in life, whether you are going to reach your full potential or just forever wonder about “what ifs” and “maybes.”

For instance, you have a regular job, but you want to pursue your dream as a blogger. If you have faith in yourself that you can actually turn it into a career – then, by all means make it happen!

Confidence, along with proper skill-set, is all you need to get started.

Study and equip yourself with the knowledge needed to connect with your readers. The piece “5 Ways You Can Take Your Blog From Side Hustle to Online Empire” will give you extraordinary poise in planning your career and becoming your own boss.

Your strongest chance at success depends on the effort you exert in writing and promoting your blog posts. Treat it as a serious business and not just a small sideline.

Be professional at all times and avoid mixing your work and personal life.

Going back to Shelby’s story, I don’t think she would be able to get away with not meeting her deadline the next day. It would definitely have some serious repercussions on her job.

And for those ladies out there who don’t think one-night stands are dangerous, this article can be very useful for you since you’re just one night away from getting serious infections: “Honey, Not Antibiotics, Should Be the First Mode of Treatment For Bacterial Illneses.”

There’s no such thing as a perfect guide to life. Sometimes, there are gray areas between right and wrong, but that doesn’t mean it’s an excuse for regrets and irresponsible actions.

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