4 Ways To Get to Know Yourself Better

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A few years ago, my corporate job was in total conflict with my passion. But I just kept on denying it to myself because at the time I thought I didn’t have any other choice but to stay stuck.

Until one day, I felt that I couldn’t breathe anymore. I suddenly felt the need to be free and the need to grow. So, I decided to snap out of my unhappiness. I realized that I couldn’t go on with my life without accepting who I really was and without aligning myself with my sole purpose.

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So, I quit my job, started a career in writing, and lived my life on my own terms. It was dream come true. I didn’t have to worry about what clothes to wear, what time I needed to get up from my bed, or battle the rush hour traffic and sometimes a strong typhoon on my way to work. As soon as I aligned my true self with my actions and decisions, my life changed big time.

Ladies, it is impossible to be happy and successful if you’re not being honest with yourself and if you don’t learn to embrace who you really are. Getting to know yourself, your happiness, your dreams, your strengths and weaknesses and your purpose is your key to living the life that you’ve always dreamed of.

4 Easy Ways To Get to Know Yourself Better

Here are some important things to ponder in your journey to self-discovery.

1. What Makes You Happy?

Life is so much sweeter and easier when you pursue the people and the things that inspire you and make you happy. They give you a sense of direction, meaning, and purpose.

In romantic relationships, for example, many women torture themselves by being with a man who doesn’t love them back. They they try to force themselves on those people who don’t respect them and see their true value.  Well, I’d rather stay single than be with a man who doesn’t support my happiness.

In the piece “4 Things You Need to Know About Yourself Before You Can Be In A Relationship,” writer Karen Schneider explains the importance of knowing what truly makes you happy before you can commit yourself to someone.

She also said, “The more you discover what makes you happy, the more likely you are to find a relationship that makes you happy, too.”

2. What Do You Want to Be?

It’s easy to get excited when you’re trying to identify your dreams and your goals. As a result, many people continue to drift in a lost world and don’t get anywhere close to what they want to achieve.

In determining what you want to be, it is important to be specific and be realistic. Having attainable and measurable goals makes your dreams more tangible.

For instance, if your goal is to become a successful marketing leader, you have to work on these daily disciplines that can help you make it happen.

3. How Well Do You Know Your Body?

Understanding yourself on deeper levels is a journey that requires courage because other than knowing your strengths, you must also be able to face your weaknesses, insecurities, doubts, and irrational fears.

It’s not that easy to question, analyze and reason with yourself, as you can always come up with excuses why you are doing what you’re doing. But ladies, remember that opening your heart, and a little hard work, can deliver great and amazing outcomes.

After a bad break-up, my friend Karen started to gain weight. She had a hard time fitting into her old jeans. I am not being mean but she looked like she was 5 months pregnant. When she came back to her senses and was ready to move on, she did some crunches thinking that she would reach her target waistline faster.

However, according to writer Jessica Migala, spot reduction or the idea that one workout can blast away fat in your tummy is a big old myth. She strongly recommends doing this cardio workout instead.

With extra hard work and determination, it’s not impossible to get back into shape, address your flaws and feel better about yourself in no time.

4. What is the Sole Purpose of Your Existence?

Your sole purpose is simply your life’s message, how you wish to be remembered by the world or what your existence means to others, to Earth, and beyond. It is basically your direction and your reason for living.

So, invest time exploring your inner self and understanding what your heart truly desires. Try to build a connection with your mind and soul as it can help you discover the inner you, who you are in your private moments or when no one is around you, as well as the powers you have within you.

To help you figure out your sole purpose and live with it, check this out – “6 Ways to Reach Your Full Potential: A Professional Intuitive Explains.”

Uncovering your conscious blocks, or the mindset that is hindering you from doing what you need to do, recognizing guidance from the universe, and healing old wounds are just some of the interesting suggestions that writer Tanya Carroll Richardson mentions in this piece.

Ladies, the most important relationship you’ll ever have in your life is the one you have with yourself. I hope you find the answers to these questions so that you can finally live the life that you’ve always wanted.

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