As a Woman Of Many Talents, Your Options For Sharing Them Are Endless

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By now I’m sure you have seen the “Mermaid” pillow that has people going insane on the web. In case you didn’t happen to catch how the journalist was “reporting” his story, he was broadcasting a live feed from his iPhone on Facebook.

You can read more about that in the piece Every iPhone User Can Now Broadcast Live Video on Facebook.

The reason I mention it is because it just goes to show us over and over again the cycle of opportunity and change that exists in our world. The best part is ladies; you get to choose how and when you want to participate.

  • Keep your creativity alive and relevant in a world of big data
  • And if you’re looking for a better stay at home gig, I’ve got you covered
  • There’s also 3 important moves to make if you’re under 35 and want to retire with $1 Million
  • Like stop worrying about getting into the stock market and look at 5 potential winners this year
  • Then meet a woman who created her own dream job as a personal food taster/forager
  • Start to become more spiritual even when you are not at all right now
  • And see what the cure for laziness is and ask yourself, “What is my crazy?”
The Bigger the Data, the Better For You

If Big Data is a term that makes you cringe, baffles you, or makes you think of the musical group by the same name, then this is for you. Thinking Small: 3 Ways To Remain Creative In A World Of Big Data is a piece by Sudhir Venkatesh that explores, “how companies can use data to foster, rather than quash, creativity.”

If you’ve ever felt like too much information was a bad thing, then Venkatesh’s “Thinking Small” procedure might be what you’re looking for.

“…the most successful managers today neither have the time, resources, nor expertise to turn to Big Data for most decisions. Their creative leadership arises instead from taking advantage of “small” clues buried inside their organization. They see patterns in idiosyncrasies, they find ways to stretch capacities, and anticipate change before crisis hits.”

And speaking of getting creative, maybe it’s time you considered working from home. In These Are the Best Companies if You Want to Work from Home, writer Martha C. White explains,

“Thanks to faster high-speed Internet and cloud computing, more companies than ever are willing to consider or are actively looking for people who want to work remotely.”

This move could also free up some time for you to start actively getting your future planned out when it comes to retirement. So check out Millennials Should Make These 3 Moves Now If They Want to Retire With $1 Million and find out if you are ahead of the game or not.

And for all of you ladies out there who want to take it a step further, there is this investing piece Worried About a Recession? Consider These Stocks (HRL, KR, ATRI, MCD) by writer Dan Moskowitz worth a read.

“The biggest key to success is to completely ignore the big names and instead look at historical performance. If an analyst has a history of consistently beating the market, then consider listening to that analyst.”

Or you could do like Elly Truesdell did and create your own dream job. I STRONGLY urge you to watch the video in the story Meet the Woman Who Tastes and Selects Your Local Whole Foods Favorites, and learn a valuable lesson in following your passion.

Show Some Spirit

Everybody needs a little anyways. That’s why even if you need some beginner’s help you can read, Michele Rosenthal’s article How To Be Spiritual When You’re Not. She outlines the benefits and then lists 5 questions to ask yourself in, “…your own no-rules approach to spirituality.

Lazy, Crazy, & In Love

I think you will also find some inspiring advice in writer Tara Mahr’s piece The Cure for Laziness. According to Tara, she believes that the word lazy is really just a cover for our feelings and fears that turn into de-motivation. I’ll let you see what she says the cure is.

And if you have ever wondered why you do the things you do, it may be because you’re crazy. Just kidding! But it may be due to “your kind of crazy.” Writer Eve Hogan explores the idea of self-observation in order to get to the root of her article that asks the question, What Is Your Crazy?

“Once you notice what you do you have the opportunity to move your behavior from the unconscious to the conscious, or to change the behavior…This simple act of self-observation and inquiry sets us free from crazy and moves us into the powerful realm of choice.”

I hope you that whatever realm of choice you discover, it helps you be a better woman! Let us know if these articles helped you in any way!


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