50 Shades Of Drunk: A Guide On How to Get Intoxicated On Love, Success, and Life’s Many Adventures

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I could never forget that morning after my 30th birthday. I went clubbing with 5 of my crazy friends and I had one mission – to get totally wasted.

And though I barely made it home because I was legless and my friends had to literally drag me to my bed, I could still recall the things that happened to me in chronological order, the moment I got back to my consciousness. I woke up half-naked with a very bad hangover, called McDonalds delivery to order some food, and crawled up in the bathroom.

After 30 minutes, the delivery boy arrived carrying a Big Mac and 5 large iced teas. I don’t remember ordering those drinks but I was completely wrecked so I may have really asked for it. I enjoyed my meal on the floor of my bedroom while my head was still spinning. Mission accomplished.

In my defense, turning 30 is a big deal. Not because we are getting closer to our gravestone, but it is more of an exciting milestone to celebrate how far we’ve come and how far we want to go.

To experience life is to embrace all of its opportunities with a positive outlook and energy. It is about getting intoxicated from all the adventures and appreciating the journey with a certain kind of high.

It is all about having all the experiences that the world has to offer and facing our fears that give us a rush of adrenaline.

I remember the first time I went to Universal Studios. Though I wanted to try all the extreme rides, I like to start with the “moderate” ones. So when I saw Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase, I told my friends that we should try that one first. I was under the impression that the ride was easy and was designed for kids.

To my surprise, this cute little attraction turned out to be a champion deceiver and an evil villain! It’s a roller-coaster ride with the most unexpected twist of a lifetime! And though Elmo fooled me that day, I never regret going there.

This is exactly how we get high on life – living everyday with no regrets, what if’s, or maybes.

In the article “4 Top Tips for Creating an Extraordinary Bucket List,” William Stokes teaches us how to grow and diversify our personal goals. He emphasizes the importance of identifying the key areas of our lives such as the financial aspects, health and fitness, career, travel, and achievements, so that through reflection we can make them better.

Another striking tip is #3: Share and discuss your bucket list goals with friends. Our friends, no matter how crazy, laugh with us, cry with us and help us get through life in general. They are our tissue rolled into one and our personal 9-1-1.

Life is too short. But sometimes, we still let the day flow without exploring it with the ones that matter.

In the piece “Friend With Health Benefits: How Your Pals Could Boost Well-Being,” Honor Whiterman discusses how our friends could improve our health and help put things into perspective.

Being high on love and life is a point of view.

It is an understanding that sometimes doing the insane and the unexpected can bring benefits – just like how Meg Whitman, the billionaire CEO of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, asks younger people for business advice.

It sounds really mad but it’s true! Though Whitman finds it annoying for young hires to complain about certain projects, she also sees that “refusing to work on things that do not matter” isn’t really a bad idea! Makes sense, right?

Living life to the fullest is a lifestyle.

We have to destroy boredom before it destroys us. There is nothing wrong in breaking free from conformity.

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Being high on love and life doesn’t always mean that you have to do something extraordinary or life-threatening.

You don’t have to bungee jump or sky dive just to prove that you are living your life to the fullest.

Sometimes, it just happens and you get that incredible feeling after you spend the whole day with the ones you love, when you catch yourself laughing really hard over a friend’s crazy jokes, or simply when you just feel connected to your surroundings and to the world. It is a feeling of weightlessness and heightened sensations whenever you see happy people and embrace the experiences that come to define you.

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