Making It to the Top Is A Decision

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Life is all about doing your best and keeping your mind, body, and love in accord with each other. The only right answers in succeeding to bring all of these things together are the ones that work for you.

I think I have found a great mix of ideas today for all you ladies out there that are looking for some guidance in finding those right answers.

  • First we’ll look at some of the most successful women out there and see what they all have in common
  • Then you might be interested in knowing what the career killer no one talks about is, as well as how you can fix your life in three steps
  • Take a look at what the 25 best jobs are in America and read the inspirational story of how one woman made a job for herself
  • Find out how to “love your body into weight loss” and check out some great full body moves to get you ready for anything
  • Use the 7 stages of spiritual growth to develop your whole self
  • Get some essential sex tips and learn the 5 things to ask yourself before going all out on V-day with your new partner
Forget Measurements, Success Is an Equation Of Value

I always love reading about the success that women are having in today’s world, so when I came across the article, What Do All of These Successful Women Have in Common?, I knew it was worth a read.

So, “What exactly do they have in common? They’re all paving the way for you to live your healthiest, happiest life.” Check out some of the editor’s picks and see if you have a similar vision.

I am almost certain that all of these women have at one point been victims of the next story’s subject, The Career Killer No One Talks About. Author Lindsey Stanberry documents the case of Emily, who faced the unfortunate experience of workplace discrimination and what she did to change her life.

“… she’s found some relief in sharing her story and speaking up for herself. She wants other women to know that they, too, can survive and thrive after these terrible situations.”

Remember ladies, it’s never okay for someone to abuse and take advantage of you, so learn from Emily’s story to speak out against it.

In case you happen to need a little inspiration you might find it in Catherine Andrews article, How To Fix Your Life In 3 Simple Steps.

  • Step 1: Do some thoughtful exploration
  • Step 2: Review the pros and cons and ask yourself: What can I learn from this?
  • Step 3: Make a plan to execute your goals

Like perhaps getting a new job after you check out Marshall Bright’s piece, These Are The 25 Best Jobs In America, According To Glassdoor. Now most of these jobs are in the tech field or medicine. So if that is not your best area then perhaps you might be more interested in the next piece.

In her article, This Woman Actually Gets Paid To Be A Bridesmaid, writer Ally Hickson tells the story of Jen Glantz, a real life bridesmaid for hire.

“Glantz admits that after being a regular, free bridesmaid for friends, she quickly realized that she’s “the MVP bridesmaid” and loved doing tasks that other friends loathed. So why not get paid for her services? Glantz writes, ‘I decided to test my idea out on Craigslist and…Within days, I had hundreds of emails from brides around the world.’”

Now that’s how you do what you love and turn it into a career ladies!

Whip That Body Into Shape

Is it possible to love your body into weight loss? As long as you keep talking and thinking positively about it, science says yes! See what harmful effects shaming your body has on, well itself and how to stop it!

Then get in hiking shape with this great chart of workout moves and exercises by Dr. Jordan Metzl in his piece, These Full-Body Moves Will Give You a Giant Push Toward the Trails.

And to give your mind a little workout read The 7 Essential Stages Of Spiritual Growth (And How To Know Where You’re On The Path).  Author Linda Carroll helps to,

“…provide an overview of the stages of claiming your spirit self and questions to help you build a map that will reveal where you are on the journey of finding your true self — and discover where you want to go next.”

All Aboard the Love Train

Let’s face it ladies, we all have our limits in the bedroom. But perhaps this Valentine’s Day you are thinking of branching out. Check out 5 Things You’re Scared to Try in Bed—That Might Actually Blow Your Mind for some ideas.

And in case your relationship is brand spanking new try, 5 Things To Ask Yourself Before Going All Out On V-Day With A New Bae.

Hopefully you find some useful tips ladies and remember to always let us know what you think in the comments!


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