Heal You Mind, Heart, Body & Soul By Listening To your Gut Feeling

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Do you have any issues making the simplest decisions of your life like choosing what to wear for work or what to eat for dinner?

Well, my husband does. Sometimes I think it’s because he is a Libre and it’s written in the moon and stars that he shall forever be terrible at making the simplest of decisions.

Yesterday, I asked him around 5pm what he wanted for dinner. He told me that his mind was telling him to order Chinese food while his stomach was saying that he should eat lamb Gyro instead.

So, I told him, “Listen to me. If you can’t make up your mind until 7pm, you’re going to see a HANGRY AF wife, and you don’t want that.” Of course, I was partly joking, but we ended up eating at a place of my choice anyway.

Inspired by my husband’s indecisiveness, I want to talk about how you can listen better to your mind, heart, body, and soul to make better decisions for yourself.

Honor the Signals of Your Body

Your body will never lie to you and if you’re paying close attention to it, it will communicate exactly what you want to know. When you’re hungry, your stomach growls for food. When you stay in front of your computer all day, you get a headache and when you’re stressed, sometimes you can hear your own heartbeat.

So, be mindful and take time to listen whenever your body is trying to tell you something so that you will know what it needs and what it doesn’t.

When you lose touch with your body signals, you increase your risk of getting diseases. And speaking of illnesses, I would like to share with you this interesting piece that I found last night – “20 Early Warning Signs That Cancer Is Growing In Your Body.”

If it wasn’t for taking my annual physical exam (APE) two weeks ago, I might be very suspicious and paranoid because I’m experiencing at least 5 of the symptoms on the list. But it’s a good thing that I know I’m healthy. So, you better not miss any of your APEs to ensure that your body is functioning well and to reduce the risk of getting any type of serious ailment.

Hear Out Your Heart

You have probably been in love before, or you have probably been hurt. So, I am assuming that you already know how painful it is to be rejected, left alone or replaced by another woman. You have an idea how it feels to have your heart “skip a beat” every time you are with the one you love.

When you believe that what you’re doing is right, you feel good. But when you are aware that you’re making a bad decision, it’s hard to breathe and your heart feels heavy. So, examine what your heart really feels and let your actions speak for it because when you truly listen to your heart, you can never make a bad choice.

However, sometimes your heart can play tricks. For instance, if you’re having a hard time moving on because you THINK that your ex is the only person who can fill the void inside you, the reality is you’re not really missing him, but instead you are just missing having somewhere to belong. So the feeling of emptiness shouldn’t stop you from moving on and from accepting that your ex no longer belongs to your heart.

This, ladies, is one of the reasons why you really have to hear your heart out because there’s a chance that you might misinterpret what it’s trying to tell you. But to make it simple, here’s the thing: when your heart doesn’t like what you’re doing, it hurts.

Pay Attention to Your Thoughts

All the negative junk that runs in your head can damage your confidence and kill your self-esteem. It can make you see the world as a very unfriendly place and make you believe that you can never succeed at anything.

Ladies, the good news is that you have the ability to change yourself and turn your toxic thoughts into something useful.

In the piece “Don’t Let Caution Turn to Cowardice, Leave Doubt Behind,” writer Boland Jones emphasizes that you get to decide what voice is going to rule your world if you want to be successful in life.

In my opinion, when you let doubt dictate your actions, you will always fear making big decisions thus you will never be able to accomplish something truly meaningful.

Tune In to Your Soul

You are creating experiences every day. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you know exactly what you’re doing all the time. For you to become a conscious creator, you have to know the specific actions that you need to take to get from point A to point B. To do that, you have to listen to your soul.

Your soul knows everything about you, your fears, your desires, your strengths and your Achilles heel. It will tell you exactly where you are, what you need to have and what you need to let go of so that you can reach your goals.  So, before making any big or life-changing decisions, get your meditation on and tune in to your soul.

And to help you understand more about spiritual guidance, check this out – “Tying It Together: Ego, Souls, Karma, Twin Flames, Separation, & Unification.”

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