Ideas For The New Year

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Typically when I write to all of you beautiful, strong women out there my goal is to always give you the most up-to-date information I can find on certain topics. Well, just to let you know, nothing has changed!

So let’s get right to it because we have a lot to cover and not much time to do it. Whatever your current situation is I am sure you will find a few awesome tips to make the New year you promised yourself it would be.

  • First, it’s time to get some fashion updates out of the way
  • Then we’ll look at some great new hairstyles and makeup ideas for the new year
  • And maybe you’ll learn something new from those California girls
  • And learn how not to overthink things so much
  • Like the plaguing questions that failed relationships can leave behind
  • And how to stay centered in relationship and not get lost in love

So yes, we are officially in 2021 and you know what that means right ladies? Time to start thinking about the spring! I know it’s like single digits and colder in some places, but let’s be honest, it’s nice to think about warmer days. So you’ll want to start here to catch a glimpse of ten trends you can expect to see in the new year.

And by no means should you be limited by this post, use your imagination girl! Combine lampshading with sneakers! Go for the athleisure look! Whatever you do just remember that 2021 is shaping up to be an anything goes kind of year, as long as you can pull it off!

If you are looking to go the classy route then has a great feature on Pantone’s two new colors for spring that are just gorgeous.  Mode fashion writer Brenna Mari is, “obsessed,” with the Rose Quartz, which is a blush-like hue, and Serenity, which is a soft blue shade. Personally I think they also look awesome when paired too!

2020 Called & It Wants Your Hair Style Back

Whether going for a subtle change, or something a little more dramatic, you can check out these 7 ways to change up your hair for the new year and decide just how big of a change you want to make.

And There Is Talk That Some Of Your Makeup Might Be Older Than Twitter

If you’re looking to start the new year with a fresh face then these 7 savvy makeup tricks will give you a new look without adding hours to your routine. And I know there is not a single lady out there who couldn’t a little extra time here and there!

To help you get the most out of your new routine, or even your old one, you might want to take a few minutes to peruse these new products that the recently reviewed.  As someone who loves to try out new things, I know for sure that the Magic Mask will find its way into my shopping cart.

I also happened to find this really great article that takes a look at the makeup that California women love. For instance, did you know that, “Chicly packaged, stripped-down shampoos and texturizing sprays are the essentials that give Cali girls their natural, just-got-back-from-the-beach hair?”

Getting Your Head In the Game

Ladies, if you feel like you spend too much time overthinking and overanalyzing everything, then 2021 is the year you finally break free!


By checking out some of the best ways to stop overthinking over at You might discover that something as simple as meditation can really help you to clear your mind and help to put you at ease when anxiety arises.

In order to help you learn the process of achieving a calm mind, examples of why we overthink and what to do about it are outlined:

  • Chaotic Mind
  • Stagnant Energy
  • Imbalanced Mind
  • Excess Mental Energy
  • Racing Thoughts

By bringing this new level of peace into your new year, it will help to overcome many anxieties that can hold you back. Especially when it comes to relationships.

We Have to Talk About Love In the New Year Ladies

Now even though the title of this next article is called One Major Reason Why Relationships Keep Failing, it gives you much more insight into what can keep relationships winning. Insight that says love has 5 languages: actions, words, physical touch, quality time, and gifts. Check it out.

And In case you find yourself on the other end of the love spectrum, then it might be of interest to you to learn about the best ways to stay centered and not get lost in love.   You may have found the man of your dreams, but thinking too quickly can be as bad as overthinking.


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