Ladies, Being a Beautiful Mess Starts When You Work From the Inside Out

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By Anne Cacherell

We live in an imperfect world, that’s why erasers, correction pens, undo buttons and the word “sorry” are all options to reverse what has been done, because it is but natural for things to get all messed up every once in a while.

After I wrote a 10-page paper in college, the power cut off. I didn’t save it so I had to re-write everything. In a job once, there was one time when I worked really hard to get a performance bonus, but another person’s mistake made me lose my chance. I dedicated almost 10 years of my life to a relationship that I thought would have a happy ending only to get cheated on and left alone in the end. Girl, I can go on and on. Things like these never end, believe me.

But does it matter? I guess not because these are things that I cannot undo, things that I have no control over. So, I just try to learn the lesson, buy new lingerie and move forward.

Ladies, though life sucks us under sometimes, it’s not an excuse to look sloppy and weak. I know it’s hard to stay sizzling, sexy and attractive, especially when you’re going through tough times. However, as a modern, strong, independent woman, you should know that being beautiful inside and out is your primary obligation to yourself.

So, here are the contributing factors that you need to work on in order to reign in your life beautifully and become the perfectly hot mess that you are.

Decide to Be Who You Really Are

Everything about being insanely hot starts from the inside. It simply means that what you feel, how you think and how you see the world around you reflect on the outside. With that being said, the first step I suggest that you do is to come up with a beautiful definition of who you are.

Are you a damsel in distress or a warrior princess who is capable of saving her own self? Do you see yourself as a victim of circumstances or do you want to become your own hero? Would you rather be an insect that always gets chased by its prey or be a dragon that could eat everything alive? Girl, the decision is all in your hands.

Writer Micaela Rosato-Stevens provides you interesting options on how to stay perfectly hot during your breakup.

I love #1: Experiment with different type of cries. I know it sounds crazy but it’s actually fun. My favorite style is the “walling acting” wherein you lean against the wall, produce silent tears and make your body shake a little while you sit slowly on the floor. Boom! Best actress award! And if you’ll ask me what did I achieve for doing that? Well, it made me realize how nonsense it was to dwell on my pain, while the person who made me cry was already out there dating another woman.

Ladies, I understand that it’s hard to be comfortable when you’re going through one of the most emotionally challenging moments of your life. However, there are creative ways on how you can help yourself and how you can deal with your feelings and still remain amazing. You just have learn to decide for yourself and pick the choice that works best for you.

Take Ownership of Your Life

Be in control. Be responsible for your own decisions and try to live on your own terms. Independence and self-efficacy are major turn-ons.

Writer Sean Kelly shares good pieces of advice to help you take charge of your life and produce real fulfillment in the end:

• Don’t let your ego get in the way of real accomplishment
• Don’t worry about the title, instead focus on the work you want to do
• Instead of worrying about being successful, do successful work
• Align yourself with your purpose

Fight Your Own Battles

Another thing that makes you more attractive as a woman is your ability to bounce back from life’s setbacks. When you feel that everything around you sucks, you don’t lock yourself in your room, curl up into a ball and wish for the world to end. Instead, you wear your red lipstick and your kick ass high heels.

To increase your hotness level and stay cool and collected while fighting your own battles, you can always rely on writer Gina Ybarra’s suggestions on how to de-stress for free.

Whenever I feel that the world is against me, counting my blessings makes me feel better. I try to open my eyes and appreciate the little things around me. It makes me stronger and it reminds me that I have everything that I need to survive another day.

Carry Yourself with Confidence All the Time

Physical beauty is to win a first look but to make people take a second glance at you and lock their eyes on you; you have to show them more and make them realize what an extraordinary woman you are.

To do this, you have to be like Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach – who is confidently beautiful with a heart. It’s not always about what you wear and how you look but it also about having the right attitude.

So, overcome your insecurities, lift your head up high and strut your stuff by applying these 5 strategies to any challenging situation you might face in your life.


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