It’s Never Too Late to Learn How to Become a Positive & Empowered Woman Of the World

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As a woman, it is important to become aware of your true potentials, what you can accomplish, how much you can give and how great you can be. In order to do all these things, you have to recognize your ability to make positive choices for yourself and your power to take charge of your life with confidence, grace, and strength.

A couple of months ago, just before my 27th birthday, I asked myself these 2 questions, “Is this really where I want to be? Am I really happy?”

Unfortunately, my answer was a very solid NO.

I wasn’t pleased with how my life was going professionally, financially or romantically.

I got promoted 2 years ago as a supervisor, but after that nothing much happened. I felt like I was just stuck there. I just stopped growing and I wasn’t really learning anything new and interesting. So, I started to get bored.

To entertain myself, I had to spend some money. I traveled with my friends, partied with them, and of course went shopping here and there.

By the time I realized that I was sabotaging my finances, it was already too late.

I was seeing someone but we weren’t officially in a relationship. I didn’t have any special feelings for him and I didn’t really care if he felt the same way too. It was kind of awkward but convenient.

I wasn’t sure exactly why I suddenly felt insecure, uncomfortable and confused about my life situation. It could be that maturity comes with age, but whatever it was, it made realize that I had to change something and that I needed to have a sense of direction.

So, I decided to spend my birthday alone and took that quiet time to rethink my life, my career, my future and make it more meaningful.

After that day, I felt powerful. I took back control of my life and I brought myself exactly where I wanted to be.

To help you get started in acknowledging your power to make yourself happy and fulfilled, here are some tips that I’ve learned from my own journey.

Know who you are by understanding your strengths and your weaknesses.

In the piece “Science Says You’ll Get More Dates If You Possess This One Trait,” writer Candice Jalili suggests that narcissism can actually be good for you.

A recent study on speed dating indicates that people find narcissists the most attractive and datable.

In my opinion, there is nothing wrong on being self-assured, self-assertive and self-loving, for you can never be a person of influence or a prime leader without a healthy measure of these characteristics.

Expand your mind in any way you can, intellectually, spiritually and emotionally.

Increase your knowledge and never stop learning about yourself, about other people and about everything around you. The more you know the more you grow.

Intelligence is the number one indicator of success. For example, at your work place, to be able to increase your role in your company, to lead others and to navigate political landscapes, you need to have certain levels of EQ competencies such as self- awareness, empathy and the ability to nurture relationships.

To help you evaluate your own emotional intelligence, here are 9 questions that you need to ask yourself.

Knowing how to manage your emotions effectively can help you adapt smoothly to changing realities, keep your focus on your goals, understand how other people see things, influence others positively and bring negotiations to a satisfactory agreement.

Have clear and mentally-defined goals. Knowing your priorities will give you a sense of direction and will help you make better decisions.

Many women today are struggling with work-life balance. For me, I think that the challenge doesn’t lie in “not having enough time” but more on “not having a clear understanding of priorities.”

Kathryn Biber, a well-known American lawyer and one of the most influential women in America, shares her secret in balancing career and marriage: It’s a 50-50 partnership.

When you and your partner are willing to contribute on all aspects of your relationship, from taking care of the kids, managing the household and being supportive of each other’s career then life will be so much easier.

So, ladies, you now know what to do to achieve balance in your married life. Look for a partner who will see you as an equal and not as a slave or a competition.

The most real thing you can ever have in your life is – right now! So, slow down and just enjoy every moment of it.

Taste every bite of your food, take time to appreciate all the beauty around you and feel your own happiness. It doesn’t matter wherever you are or whatever you do.

To learn the promise of feeling more accomplished and fulfilled, check this out – “9 Secrets of Women Who Exercise Every Day.”

Crazy things happen almost every single day. You can either let them ruin you or you can just choose to ignore them and stay pretty jazzed about life.

Life happens to all of us ladies. You’re not perfect so it doesn’t make sense to keep on beating yourself up whenever you fail to live up to your own expectations.

It’s okay not to feel great all the time. So, just let go of the things that don’t serve you and start loving yourself so you can unleash the power within you.

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