How To Be a Better Version of Yourself – 4 Easy Tips

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When I was applying for a promotion as a Performance Analyst in my company, I was required to finish the same amount of workload as the tenured QA’s had. I expected a little leniency from my superiors but unfortunately, they wanted to see if my performance could be at par with others.

How to be a better version of yourself

So, I took the challenge. I made it a point to arrive at least two hours early every working day and spent extra hours at the office to finish my work. After some time, I got used to all the work until it felt normal.

A month later, I got promoted. It felt amazing how I worked hard to achieve what I wanted and how I had to endure a lot of things to be where I wanted to be.

And because nothing worth having comes easy, here are 4 things that you have to master in order to become a stronger version of yourself.

4 Ways to Build a Stronger Version Of Yourself

1. Learn to be Your Own Best Friend

There will be times in your life when you will have no one to turn to for help and you will have to do things on your own. And though it feels great to have a strong support network, it is always good to know how to rely on yourself in times of need.

Developing your ability to think, make your own decisions and solve your own problems without the influence of others empowers you as a person and gives you the privilege to build a sense of purpose in the world.

So, ladies, never in any way should you ever think that you are helpless because you are not! You are in fact the master of your own mind. You have the ability to create your own internal support by becoming more self-aware and by being nicer to yourself.

When dealing with the grief of heartbreak, for instance, it’s important not to lose your sense of self in the process. 

Rebuilding yourself after being torn into pieces starts with loving yourself a little better.

When I was trying to survive a bad breakup, I had to go back in time and remember how I lost myself along the way, how I forgot my own dreams, and how I allowed another person, other than myself, to define me. I had to do everything on my own; from the realization that I was left alone, to finding myself and starting all over again.

Now, when I look at myself, I see a more confident, happier, more independent, stronger version of me. Ladies, the whole process was no joke, but you have to learn to become self-reliant, to endure, and to just keep moving forward.

2. Never Stop Trying

They say that the only difference between TRY and TRIUMPH is a little “umph.” So, keep pushing yourself to exceed your limits and do more.

Also, success, as well as failure, is not the end of the journey. It will only be final when you don’t find the courage to continue learning and stop trying.

Ladies, remember that you are created for nothing less than greatness so you owe it to yourself to never stop trying and making things happen!

3. Find People You Can Trust

One of the most challenging things you will have to do in this lifetime is to find someone you can fully trust. You also have to find the balance between being too trusting and being too paranoid or judgmental.

In the piece “5 Things No One Tells You About Becoming a Girl Boss,” writer Ali Reff says that “while we can certainly do anything ourselves, it’s sometimes best not to do everything ourselves.”

As an entrepreneur, there will be times filled with so much hustle, chaos and imperfection, that it is important to have people around you who can give you useful insights, inspire you to do better and help you see value in your leadership especially when you can’t see it yourself.

4. Reframe Your Thinking

Your life is the creation of your mind. Therefore, you have the power to change the way you think, to shape how you see the world and yourself, and to interpret and change your life.

Framing a mental structure that is positive in nature can help you expand your opportunities and accomplish your desired outcomes.

To help you produce helpful thoughts and get rid of your false beliefs about yourself, check this out – “Opening Yourself to Infinite Possibility: The Spiritual Keys to Finding Your True Self.”

Derek Rydall teaches you how to find the divine intelligence within you and how to navigate your own emergence or finding your authentic self.

Ladies, nothing worth having comes easy. Wonderful things take time and the right attitude, not to mention tedious and rigorous work.

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