4 Things to Consider When You Want a Hair Color Change

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Considering a hair color change? Dying your hair is a great way to change things up from time to time, but if you have plans of doing it at home instead of at a salon, then you must take some things into consideration if you want the best results possible.

There are tons of hair colors out there for the picking, some natural, some not so true to nature, but hair is one of the least expensive and best ways to enhance your everyday look and get people to notice you.

Whether you plan to hit the salon for a professional color or go at it alone, here are some things you should consider first.

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Before A Hair Color Change Consider The Following

#1) No One Color Fits All

So you head to your nearest beauty supply store and you spot the perfect color. Will it complement you though? We always see celebrities on television changing up their looks and how their stylist gave them bayalage treatments to go with their summer tans, but little do many of us know, that there is not only science to the chemicals that are being applied to the hair, but the color is a big determinant in how you will look in the end.

We all have skin that comes in many different shades and hues. Some of us have sensitive skin, while others can stand up against the sun’s rays. Whatever God’s given you, making the right color choice will only enhance your natural features. If you have warm undertones (meaning your skin looks s little reddish underneath), then warm tones, such as reds, yellows, and oranges will fit you.

Now, sometimes reds don’t quite work, especially for someone who has too much pink in their skin, in which case a stylist will try to neutralize the color so the person doesn’t look like a lobster. Then there are those with cool complexions. Think olive tones, skin that has a bluish or green tint. People with warm tones look best in cool shades such as ash blonde or black hair with a blue tint. Sometimes a stylist will add a little bit of warmth for vitality, but overall these shades work best.

If you have a neutral complexion, then lucky you. Any color will fit. Consider this whenever you are searching for the perfect box of hair color. Otherwise, a colorist can lead you in the right direction.

#2) You Don’t Have to Go Full Throttle

If a total overhaul in your look is what you desire, then great! It can be done. If you simply want subtle highlights, then that’s still doable. When we think of hair color, what comes to mind is usually a head full of hair color, but if you still desire to just deepen or highlight your existing color, you don’t have to go all the way.

Bayalage is probably the most popular hair color treatment on the market today and for good reason. It entails beautiful caramel highlights throughout your hair which gives it a warm, sun-kissed look. The best thing about bayalage is that it looks natural on everyone but enhances your look perfectly. Bayalage is also not required to keep up as much as a full head of hair, as the more it grows out, the better it looks. Unlike, ombre, bayalage melds into the hair, without the stark contrast.

If you’re looking for a drastic change, say going from brunette to blonde, your entire look can change and if not done correctly, can cheapen your overall look and become expensive. If you’re looking to enhance your natural features, a play on your natural hair color always works best. Although hair color is the most effective means to change your style, it’s really not a matter of what color you like on a box, but a blend of colors found in your skin that complements the best shade for you.

#3) Nix the Color & Grow the Grey

Should you choose to just go natural all the way and forget about the hassle of coloring your hair, grey hair can be quite beautiful when properly cared for. Unfortunately, some women don’t see the true beauty in going grey and white, so they opt for box colors. Yet, oddly enough, we’re seeing grey heads pop up all over the place on young women.

It’s an unconventional look, but it works well on a lot of skin tones,” claims Aura Friedman, a colorist at Sally Hershberger Salon in New York City.

The popularity of grey hair color has also enabled women who have naturally acquired the color to keep it rather than hiding it. From everyday teens to pop stars, the color has become a badge of honor.

If you plan to go for the cool trend, it’s important to know that it is a complete overhaul of bleached-out hair that can cause damage, which makes deep conditioning sessions very important so that your hair doesn’t dry out. For best results, begin growing out your hair now if you’re looking to achieve grey. Grow out any existing hair color that you have for at least 6 months before trying the look so that the bleach can lift any color out of your hair. When you’ve reached that point, get a deep conditioning treatment every week for about 2 weeks prior to the grey treatment. This will knock off any potential breakage or damage that can occur during the process.

Lastly, wait at least 48 hours before you begin the treatment so that the natural oils on your scalp will help protect you during the chemical treatment. Keep in mind that you may have to cut off some hair before going grey due to the breakage and previous color that may cause split ends. Besides, the most beautiful heads of grey hair are the healthiest.

#4) Picking the Right Box Color

The biggest mistake that women make when choosing a box color is thinking they will look just like the woman on the front cover, not considering that there are professionals who made her look that way.

Instead, go by the color swatches or the little indicator scales found on the side of the box. In many cases, the photos on the front are deceiving, which leads to regret later. Should you choose to color your own hair, only go a couple of shades lighter or darker. If you plan to bleach your hair, high tail it to a salon, stat.

Water pressure at hair salons is strong enough to wash out treatment, unlike your bathroom or kitchen sink, so it’s best to rinse out your color in the shower. In many cases, women don’t even bother to read the boxes, so they hop in the shower while the color is on, not paying attention to the time constraints, ending up with overprocessed hair. Don’t do that.

In my college years, I became bored at one period so I decided to dye my hair red, then blonde the next week. Then black the next. What I ended up with was green hair that I had to shave off. If you have hair commitment phobia, don’t do box dyes. Go to a stylist who knows what they are doing instead.

So you think you’re ready for a change in your look? If you decide to go drastic, keep in mind how expensive it can be to keep up the look, as regular touch-ups are required. If you are looking for subtle changes, then you may only be required to sporadically update your look. Either way, picking the best color for your complexion shouldn’t be a hassle with the right knowledge in mind.

Would you go grey? What do you think of bayalage treatments? Please tell us what you think! We want to hear your stories!


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