Ebook Marketing Tips And Strategies

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We live in a digital world. If you want to earn money, you should definitely consider writing and selling eBooks. These items are becoming more and more common. People today want to read their news and get their information using their computers and their mobile phones. With so many eBooks available today, people can do everything from learning to sew to research the history of the United States. The following are some tips for how to write and sell eBooks for a living.

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How to write  an ebook

Find a topic and get to writing if you want to learn how to write and sell an eBook! There is sure to be a market for whatever you’re selling. Once you have your eBook written, start spreading the word online. Soon, people will no doubt download and read your book and your profile will be raised.

Choose a topic

First off, you have to choose an in-demand topic. Think about what you know about and what people would want to know. For example, if you know how to work on a car, you may want to write and sell eBooks focused on this subject. Writing about something you know or about something you are interested in will result in passionate and well-researched pieces.

Start writing

Next, get to writing! Ebooks are meant to be read online or on mobile phones. Thus, you want the sentences to be as crisp and catchy as possible. Any paragraphs that are too long may overwhelm the reader.

Get the word out

Lastly, you need to get the word out about your eBook. There’s no better way to sell eBooks than online. Create a website for this purpose and shop the eBook around to websites and blogs focused on a similar subject matter as your eBook. Word of mouth travels fast on the Internet. As soon as one website reviews or mentions this piece, others will follow suit.

Ebook Marketing Tips

The important thing about viral ebook marketing is that it takes on a life of its own. As people start spreading your ebook virally around the Internet, more and more people become aware of you, your company, and your brand. More people get to know more about your ebooks and other products, and hence you make more sales. It’s free publicity and free sales, a marketer’s dream combination. So how do you get viral ebook marketing right?

Here are 5 secrets of viral marketing campaigns for ebooks:

Secret #1: Make Your Ebook Free

The most important component for getting your ebook to become incredibly viral is that it has to be free. If it’s free, more people will be able to get their hands on it. If more people are able to acquire your ebook, the faster it is likely to be passed on to others, through email, social media sites, or even through word-of-mouth.

Secret #2: Have A Shocking Title

Write a title that grabs them by the eyeballs (figuratively of course) and include a very attractive ecover of your ebook as well. They say ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’, but well, the title and the cover are the only things we can judge on the first time we lay eyes on a book or ebook. A shocking title goes some way to making your ebook viral.

Secret #3: Include Giveaway Rights

Other than making your ebook free and having a shocking title plus an attractive cover, including a written statement in your ebook that states it comes with giveaway rights also helps greatly. Giveaway rights basically give your reader the right to give it away to others without seeking information from the author. This quells any doubts in people’s minds as to whether they can give away the ebook, which goes a long way to making it viral.

Secret #4: Write Jaw-Dropping Content

Without high-quality content, your viral ebook marketing campaign is likely to collapse like a house of cards. This is the ‘meat’ behind your campaign, so to speak. You need to write content that is fresh or refreshing. You need to put together information that will make people go ‘wow, this ebook is really good.’ The content will be the push factor as to whether people recommend your ebook to their friends.

Secret #5: Make It Short

This is optional, but since people are so time-starved today, a short and snappy ebook (often called a report as well) may be more suitable for viral promotional purposes. Since your ebook is free, you don’t have to cram so much information into it as well. A short ebook is consumed faster, which makes it more likely that people will send it to others.

A free, quality ebook can easily go viral with the right viral ebook marketing campaign. Create your masterpiece now, and reap the rewards!

How To Market Ebooks For Monthly Commission Checks

What is the secret to affiliate ebook marketing success? Well, there isn’t anyone secret that leads to success. Rather, it is a systematic whole that contributes to the effectiveness of a campaign. The two essentials of a successful affiliate ebook marketing campaign are a high-converting offer, in other words, that ebook that is desirable and that people want to buy, and targeted traffic to the offer.

Finding your niche

Before you even plot your first traffic generation campaign, you will need to decide on the niche and the ebook you will be promoting to earn commissions. A niche has to most importantly be profitable and popular. It is also ideal if you are passionate about the niche you choose, if not then at least you should have an interest in it.

One surefire method for finding out if a niche is profitable is to go to the Clickbank marketplace and see what are ebooks that are popular and are selling well. The niches that these ebooks are covering are likely to be profitable markets. All you have to do is create another ebook in the same market, with your own input, ideas, and strategies.

Target traffic

The next essential of a successful affiliate ebook marketing campaign is targeted traffic. There are hundreds of potential ways to get traffic, for both free and paid strategies. It is important for your focus and success to concentrate on just a handful of strategies early on, lest you become overloaded with information and don’t know what to take action on.

Some of the most effective ways for marketing ebooks include pay-per-click advertising, article marketing, and email marketing. Pay-per-click ads are ads whereby you only pay for clicks that are generated on your ad. This makes it a very efficient advertising method when executed correctly. Article marketing revolves around writing articles and syndicating them all over the Internet for publication – this generates some of the most targeted traffic because readers are looking for information. And email marketing is a mainstay in Internet marketing strategies because almost everyone uses email – even Facebook notifications are sent through email. Just concentrating on these three marketing strategies for a start will get you places fast.

Affiliate ebook marketing can be a highly lucrative income stream or even a career. It is an exciting venture with high-profit margins. Just remember to focus on the two main elements – the offer and traffic. You can switch the offers you are promoting and work on multiple traffic sources to optimize your campaigns. Now get stuck into it and start promoting ebooks for massive commissions!


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