10 Power Words In Advertising & What Makes Them So Compelling

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When it comes to advertising, we have a tendency to avoid lines and words that have been used time and again. While we want our advertisements to be original, there are certain words and lines that really attract people. Here are 10 power words in advertising.

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Somewhere deep in our psyches, words have very specific meanings. Whether we grew up associating those words with positive or negative experiences, they hold great value in our minds.

For this reason, it is important to consider the words our audience holds as commonplace for good things in sales when we consider our copy for advertisements.

There are ten words with strong associations in the advertising world. Using these words in your sales copy does not make you cliché, and it actually will help you boost sales. If you are considering making sales copy in your marketing department, check out these ten must-have words and phrases that help you trigger positive reactions from your customer base.

10 Power Words In Advertising

#1. Premium

When you use the word “Premium” in your advertisement, you are telling your customer he or she is getting the best of the best.

The word “Premium,” “Helps denote quality.” You are not only telling your customer that you use the top-shelf supplies to create this item, you are letting your customer know that you are creating it with care.

#2. You

The second-person (“you”) is a great way to connect with your audience in advertising. When you advertise, you are trying to get the word out to as many people as possible. The best way to do this is in print or social media. Using the third-person can lead customers to believe that this product is not for them.

By using “You” in your advertisements and sales copy, you are filling the gap between you and the customer, and showing them that you want to attract him or her personally, and that your product or service is specifically for him or her.

#3. Value

While we may think of the word “Value” as a cliché in the business world, it is important to show your audience (and directly tell them) that they are getting great value.

You are really promoting your company when you show the value of an item, then show them how much you are actually charging. Think of late-night infomercials – the ones that always give the “but, wait! We are going to double your order!” These infomercials sell quite a bit of product, because they set the price for an item (and setting the price puts a value on that item), then they keep the price the same while they add to the product’s “value.”

“Value” has such a strong power in the world of advertising, because everyone knows (it is commonplace) that value is a good thing.

#4. Easy

Whether it is a product that is easy to use, or easy to ship, you want to let your customer base know that something is easy for them. In this crazy market, people want things that come easy to them. This is why many large restaurant chains have microwavable meals at three times the cost of their on-location prices.

Easy is good, and you want to show your audience in some way that your product will be easy for them.

#5. Everything

“Everything” is a great word to use in conjunction with sales. When you say “Everything is 10-90% off,” the majority of your inventory can be ten percent off, but that word “everything” will draw your audience in. This is because they are looking for more than one sale – more than one reason to visit your website or leave the house.

#6. Sale

Sale, sale, sale! Think about when you walk into a grocery store, and a large banner in big, red letters reads “SALE!” with an arrow pointing down. Naturally, you are drawn to this area of the store whether you have a list or not. Now, think of the front page of the grocery store ad. In general, somewhere on the first page, you see the word “Sale”. Sometimes it is seen larger than others, but it is always seen.

Of course, you may not be running a grocery store, but do understand that customers are always looking for a deal. If you advertise a sale in any department of your own store, you will be attracting people.

#7. New

This is a great word to help your customers come back. By adding new and different products to your inventory, customers are more likely to become curious and want to take a look or give it a try.

Even if you make your own soaps, introducing a new scent or a new line will draw more customers in.

#8. Tips

In smaller print on your sales copy or your advertisement, give your customer tips on how to use a product. By giving your customer more ideas on the use of a product, they will be able to envision themselves using that product in many different ways.

Additionally, this is a great way to get your customers thinking about gift ideas because even if they can’t see themselves using a product, they can envision someone else doing so—as long as you put that idea in their heads.

#9. Remember

There is power in words. There is power in commands. When you tell your customer base to remember something, they will do their best to remember. It goes back to when we were in school; we’d hear our teachers say, “Remember, we have a quiz on Wednesday.”

When you tell a customer, “Remember to mention this ad, so you can save an extra 10%” that customer will absorb more of the visuals in your advertisement. They will remember the name of your store, and of course, they will remember to mention the advertisement.

#10. Be the first

Human beings have a very competitive nature. They want to be the first for everything. So, if you tell your customer to “Be the first to try our new line of skin care products”, you are also telling them to get to your store quickly without putting the added pressure of using the word “hurry.”

Offer them a chance to win at an arbitrary event, and show them how easy it is, and they will be knocking on your door right before you open the store.

The buzzwords of advertising might seem cliché or overused to you, but they still hold quite a bit of power in the sales world. Make your products and lines stand out. Use the ten great advertising words to really trigger an emotional response from your customer base. What are some triggers that really capture your attention in advertisements? Share with us in the comments below!

10 power words in advertising


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