When Learning to Be Your Own Boss, the Lessons Stretch Beyond Just Your Career

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Over the years I have learned that being your own boss is kind of a contradictory term. Why? Well because even when you own your own business or freelance, you still have to answer to a lot of people.

Including yourself. That’s why it helps to learn from others the highs and lows of being your own boss that have more applications beyond just business.

  • Here’s what writer and entrepreneur Kristen A. Schmitt reveals as the 5 Things Nobody Tells You About Being Your Own Boss
  • Then see why procrastination is not your fault and how to override your natural circuitry
  • Find out what the most common traits are of viral stories and how you can apply them to your own marketing strategies
  • Learn to change your life with 17 choices you need to start making now
  • And perhaps one of those choices will be this AWESOME new hair coloring technique
Working For Yourself Means Finding What Works For You

As I said earlier, being your own boss is an interesting way to earn a living. Whether you are like me and write for a living, or you sell your world famous baked goods online, actually focusing on getting the work done can be the hardest part.

Why? Too many distractions!

Writer Kristen A. Schmitt shares some ideas for staying focused and fending off distractions in her piece 5 Things Nobody Tells You About Being Your Own Boss.

By doing things like making a daily list to help keep you on track, taking scheduled breaks, and learning to network to expand your opportunities, you’ll have plenty of ways to get things done.

Overwrite Your Brain & Destroy Procrastination

There is no way that I would be sitting here typing this right now if it wasn’t for my ability to conquer the powerful and mysterious force known as procrastination. Up until I read the piece, How To Finally Stop Procrastinating (For Real This Time), I did not realize that it’s practically a drug.

Writer Bob Nease explains how there are two parts of your brain that have to do with the ebb and flow of procrastination.

  • The Neocortex: A relatively newer part related to decision making and learning ability
  • And the limbic system: a million plus year old part mainly concerned with the here and now

So you use your neocortex to plan to eat healthier, exercise more, finish chores, and other beneficial activities in your life. But then when you go to carry them out, the limbic system kicks into full gear and sends waves of resistance in to stop the activity.

Those are the things that say, “Hey! The gym will be there tomorrow! Just order a pizza and catch up on all those Netflix shows you keep hearing about!”

Nease says to kill those nasty limbic invaders you have to train yourself to change the way you approach those activities.

  • Outsource chores: Example, set up as many automated activities as you can, like with bills so you won’t have to even think about them
  • Change present day stakes: Example, pair exercise with music to get you in the mood, or join a team sport or get a workout buddy so the fitness part is second fiddle
  • Ease into new changes and goals steadily so you barely notice the effects: Example, instead of fixing your entire diet in one day, start by just trying to eat a better breakfast first
Time to Get Popular

When you work for yourself it helps to have a feel for what your audience and customers will respond to.

There’s a viral story born every minute on the internet and to learn what goes into making it gain that popularity check out the piece 14 Factors Contribute to Viral Success, Study Finds by writer Annie Pilon.

Using data from popular trend tracker Buzzsumo, Pilon has put together a great list of traits that you’ll be able to apply to your own business and ideas when it comes to marketing.

The Change You Embrace Now Will Be the Norm Later

Let’s face it ladies, no matter what kind of change we are talking about it is usually a difficult, grueling, downright painful process. But when you allow yourself to be open to new perspectives, you will be surprised to learn just how much you needed them.

In the article, The 17 Choices That Will Change Your Life, writer Troy Stoneking outlines some epic ideas for you to try out. Like celebrating your victories, making friends with your failures, finding and living your purpose, and committing to continual growth.

As you start to make these decisions one by one, over time they will develop like bad habits, expect they will be good!

And to go along with your new approach to business and life, I can think of nothing better than trying out one of these ridiculously awesome “museum” hair dyes.

I would probably stay away from Van Gogh’s self-portrait though, but that’s just me.

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