Aging Is Not All Bad, Here Are the Areas In Your Life that Should Be Getting Better With Time

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Two months from now, I’ll be seeing another candle on my birthday cake. Well, I am not going to lie but it’s kind of putting me in a panic mode. It makes me think about many things in my life, like having gray hairs and wrinkles, what I have accomplished so far, and if I have enough money in the bank for my retirement. Worrying about all these things can be truly nerve-wrecking.

Getting older is not a walk in the park, but of course I am not writing all of this to scare the hell out of you. Seriously, I don’t really want to dwell on negativity. So, to put things in a positive highlight and at the same time, try to convince myself too that it’s not all bad, I’ve come up with a list of awesome things that simply gets better with age.

For me, as long as you’re seeing that these aspects of your life improve as you grow old, there’s nothing really much to worry about and you’re definitely on the right track.

How You Manage Your Emotions

Ladies, check your emotional maturity gauge. Dealing with your feelings, controlling your temper and understanding your emotions should become much easier as you grow old. You should be able to define happiness and success on your own terms rather than basing it on other people’s opinions.

By now, you should have come to a realization that you should take responsibility of your own life and you should have come to accept simple yet hard facts of life such as no matter what you do, you cannot make everybody love you.

Writer Sheena Sharma, a self-confessed recovering masochist, shares a wonderful story on how she made a lot of progress after she decided to gain control of her love life.

Her piece actually reminds me of my younger days. Whenever I was brokenhearted, I would try to destroy myself by overspending, getting wild with my girlfriends and drinking recklessly the entire weekend. Like her, I would try to beat and degrade myself to feel all the pain. It was stupid, I know. It was like taking a poison and expecting the man who broke my heart to die.

So, how did I break away from this foolishness? I decided to become wiser. I started using my brain whenever I dealt with the matters of my heart and stepped carefully into every situation fully alert.

Your Decision Making Skills & Your Problem Solving Techniques

The more years you spend on this planet, the easier it is to make tough decisions and address certain issues. Having the privilege to acquire valuable experiences puts you in a better position to deal with challenges and find solutions to the problems in your life.

Examine your financial practices because they should always  be getting better. If you have wasted money on non-essential stuff 5 years ago, by now, you should have already gotten rid of that bad habit.

And to help equip yourself with more knowledge about being on the right financial track, check this out – “These Simple Strategies Will Better Your Odds of Becoming a Self-Made Millionaire.”

Your Rules & Your Priorities

You may not be able to notice it but your rules and priorities in your life change every time you experience success, failure or any strong emotion. For example, handling a whole bunch of situations and overcoming hardships can make you tougher. Being hurt and feeling disappointed can make you wiser.

The process of learning is not easy. It takes time but it definitely helps in building your character and in making you feel more confident about your choices.

Writer Lyndsay Rush shares some wonderful pieces of advice on how to grow old beautifully.

• Letting go of failures and past bitterness
• Knowing yourself more
• Learning when and how to ask important questions
• Figure out exactly what you want out of life

The Way You Love & Respect Yourself

Girl, it’s just so wrong to use your age as an excuse not to have a healthy mind and body. You should never let it slow you down. In fact, you should be working harder to increase your self-value by improving your endurance and overall well-being.

To literally step up your game, writer Alanna Ketler suggest aiming to walk at least 10, 000 steps a day.

That’s not a lot. That’s actually a standard figure to keep your mind and body in top of the line condition. So, level up, get a fitness tracker if you have to or download a free step counter app as soon as possible.

I hope that this list helps you keep your sanity about aging. Also, remember not to just focus on one aspect of your life but try to look at the bigger picture.

Ladies, cheers to the best years ahead of us! May we all age gracefully and elegantly!

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