7 Excellent Ways To Workout Without Actually Exercising

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The main reasons why people don’t like to exercise are that they don’t have the time and they don’t like to exercise. Let’s face it, if we really think about it, it mostly boils down to the fact that they don’t like to exercise. Because if you like to do something (and if you know that it’s good for you), then you’ll make time for it. Even just fifteen minutes a day of getting your heart rate up would be beneficial.

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Well, what if I told you that you can get the benefits of exercising without actually hitting the gym (or track)? The health benefits of exercising without actually working out?

7 Excellent Ways To Workout Without Actually Exercising

#1) Go On A Hike With Your Friends

Any physical activity is more fun when you are with friends.

Now remember that this doesn’t have to be a daily (or even a weekly) hike. Mix this activity up with your others to have a fun, well-rounded non-exercise routine. Although, if you do make it a weekly endeavor, you can graduate to different, more difficult landscapes after a while.

If you want to add a little bit more fun, do a bit of geocaching as well. Plan out a route, bring your geocaching kit and find some buried treasure. If you want, you can dress up like Lara Croft too (complete with balloon boobs – I’m not serious, by the way). You can also bring a picnic along with you. Don’t forget your cameras.

#2) Take Your Dog Out For A Walk

Even a fifteen minute walk with your dog will help you. Don’t have a dog? There are other benefits to having a pet: stress relief, companionship, unconditional love and affection, etc.

#3) Take A Dance Class

If you don’t want to go to a dance class by yourself, take your man or a friend (or a group of friends – the more the merrier). Dance classes are held in various locations. Look in your local community college catalog. You can even find some in clubs and bars in your area. Keep an eye out for flyers.

There are always different classes to choose from as well: flamenco, salsa, ballroom (foxtrot, waltz, etc), and swing just to name a few.

#4) Meeting Your Friends

Okay, so when we want to catch up with friends, what do we say? Let’s meet up for coffee!” or “Let’s have lunch together!”

Well, how about this: when you want to catch up with a friend, do something productive, creative, or recreational. Instead of going to Applebee’s for lunch, go to a pottery painting studio. This might not be a way to exercise but it is a way for you to eat less.

When we socialize, we have a tendency of eating which leads to unnecessary pounds. So instead of meeting for coffee, meet to go indoor rock climbing or talk a walk in the park.

#5) Join A League

A recreational league will help you keep in shape. There are different kinds depending on what you like to do. If you’re a traditionalist, try to join a bowling or soccer league. There is also flag football if you’re looking for a little more action.

For those who are looking for something more interesting and unique, there are more sports that are truly one in a million: dodgeball (like when we were in elementary school), disc golf (which is a combination of Frisbee and golf), kendo (which is a fantastic and disciplined sport based out of Japan), and kickball.

#6) Clean Or Garden

These two activities burn calories and help tone your muscles. They require (generally) low impact movements and moderate weight lifting. These are things that we do on a regular basis (or at least things we should be doing on a regular basis). Even doing chores like shopping for groceries helps keep you active.

#7) Have Sex

Didn’t go to the gym today? Why not enjoy a romp in the sac with your man then. Having sex for a half an hour burns over 144 calories and that’s not including all of that foreplay business like kissing and taking each other’s clothes off. Heck, making-out will burn around 240 calories per half an hour.

Why does making out burn more calories than having sex? Maybe the folks who did the survey weren’t doing it right… Well, that and the anticipation really gets your heart rate up.

So create a non-exercise routine out of these activities. If you are staying active, and eating healthy, you might not even have to go to a gym often at all. How do you create a routine out of these activities? Well, it depends on your schedule but doing at least two of these activities every day should help keep you healthy.

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