Is Your Workplace Unhealthy? 5 Ways to Get Your Sanity Back

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From the very first interview to the promotion, we all have dreams of our careers being a peaceful setting where everyone gets along and there is bonafide teamwork, like one big happy family. We all want jobs to be enjoyable places to go to on a daily basis. After all, we spend most of our time there anyway.

Unfortunately for some, going to work day after day is a daunting task. From the boss who never recognizes anything good you do, to the to the  coworker who tries to underhandedly get you fired. Even the ugly fluorescent lights are giving you online regular headaches.

All that stress can lead to exhaustion, stress related illnesses and even death. Studies show that work related stress in on the rise. Work related stress is caused when the workload exceeds one’s capacities or abilities. This can lead to heart attack and hypertension. In the United States alone, jobs and stress go hand in hand. Luckily there are ways to combat issues from the incessant workload to the other annoying occurrences.

We have compiled some tips on how to make the most of it and decompress mentally and physically at home.

#1) Talk It Out

When you have a bad run in with a co-worker or you are seething that you didn’t get the promotion you deserve, it’s  great to talk to a friend or loved one. Airing out your annoyances can be therapeutic. Be careful, however, this can turn you into a negative person to be around.

Don’t let your grievances turn into an everyday mantra. On the upside, your friends are your friends for a reason, they’ll listen. It’s always a big stress reliever to vent out your issues with a willing subject, but don’t allow it to affect you while you are around friends and family.

Besides, when you get home, leave work there, at work. In fact, don’t even think about it if you can help it.

#2) Take A Load Off

I mean literally. Drop everything and just relax.

The art of doing nothing can be huge stress reliever from getting home after a hectic day. If you have a husband and little ones at home, try closing the door for just 15 minutes and take time out to just think..or not think. Just be. Allowing time off for yourself preps you to gain back some focus while recalibrating your mind so you can get back to your life and what’s important.

#3) Bubbles and Wine

After a hard day’s work, pour yourself some wine and run a soothing bubble bath with aromatic scents. Allow the stress of the day to melt away to some relaxing music as well.

Pampering is an optimal way to take care of self after a day of errand running for everyone else. Not only does it feel great, but it will perk up your mood a bit. Taking care of yourself conditions to take care of other people in your life.

#4) Order Take Out or Have Someone Else cook

Be lazy and order takeout from your favorite restaurants. Subconsciously, it feels like someone took care of you and made you a home cooked meal like your mom used to…Or you could just ask your mom to cook you something. If she’s up for it, great!

Nothing feels better or shows that they care more. It’s a relief off your shoulders as well.

#5) Watch A Favorite Movie

Need an escape? Whip out the blankets and cuddle up with a big bucket of popcorn. Watch a favorite  cinematic delight. It’s a fun and cheap way to enjoy time spent away from work. Besides, It’s fun to live vicariously through people on the big screen.

Just make sure you don’t go overboard and live some of those fantasies out at work. You might end up jobless.

Everyone has stressful days at work, so make the most of it when you get home and incorporate these useful tips into your life. Soon you will be on your way to smooth sailing and the small stuff won’t seem like such a big deal.

What about you? What was the most stressful time at work? How did you handle it? We’d love to hear your advice!

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