Don’t Let Unwanted Emotions Take Over

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Have you ever gotten into an online argument with a friend just because you don’t share the same opinion on some political issue?

Well, I had my own experience yesterday. While I was browsing through my news feeds on Facebook, I came across this photo showing a comparison of the performance of the previous and current government administration. So, I clicked “Like” and then left a comment agreeing to the post.

After a minute or two, another friend of mine negatively reacted to the same post and told the people on the thread that we were all wrong to think that way. She sounded so argumentative that I couldn’t help but to answer her back. After a few exchanges of opinion, I realized that there was no way I could get my point across because she wasn’t there to share her opinion, but instead just wanted to create an argument and enforce her beliefs.

It was only when I decided to leave the conversation that I noticed it already took up so much time, thus making me unproductive. Also, it put me in a very bad mood and I couldn’t get myself to finish the story I was working on.

In life, there is no winning when you let anger, disappointment and resentment take over. To help you regulate your unwanted emotions, here are 4 questions to ask yourself before you decide to get into a long and pointless argument along the many paths of life.

Will It Make You Richer?

Does winning the argument come with a cash prize, a free trip to Paris, or a Miss Universe crown? If yes, go ahead and invest your time in it. It could be worth the try. But, if it doesn’t come with any recognition, award or privileges, then what’s the point of getting into that negative situation?

So, instead of ruining your mood dealing with annoying people, just completely ignore them and focus on putting yourself back on the road of doing what you love and empowering yourself, like perhaps increasing your entrepreneurial strengths.

To rebuild your spirit as well as your fortune, check this out – “6 Steps Resilient Entrepreneurs Take Rebound From Bankruptcy.”

By looking at your financial situation in the most realistic terms, operating at a minimum budget, asking support from your family and getting rid of everything in your life that’s distracting your focus, you can bounce back from great loss and revive your entrepreneurial spirit once again.

Will It Make You Feel Better?

Ladies, getting yourself into a situation that provokes anxiety and stress will not increase your sex appeal nor help you achieve your fitness goals. In fact, frustrations and stress can give you wrinkles. So, instead of getting lost in anger, choose to shift your focus to activities that can contribute to your wellness and make you prettier and hotter than ever.

Writer Lauren Roxburgh suggests trying these 6 stress-busting activities that will help keep the balance in your life.

Grabbing a juice works for me. It cools me down, revives my energy and quenches my soul.

Will It Contribute to Your Personal Development?

If something is affecting you, remember that you have the power to drive negativity away by simply changing your thoughts. You can try replacing your thoughts with happy memories, putting your mind in a relaxed state through meditation or by diverting your attention into some creative outlets like drawing or journaling.

In the piece “Slow Down! Less Is More,” writer Sharmini Gana suggests allotting a few minutes of your time for some quiet gratitude and meditation to create a calm environment, clear your mind of negative thoughts and build mental strength.

So, every time you’re in a situation that could potentially ruin your mood, take a pause, do some breath-works and create a space for yourself to slow down.

Will It Improve Your Relationship?

When a relationship has passed the honeymoon stage, sometimes, it gets too comfortable to the point of disgust. Partners begin to care less about certain mannerisms and quirks that are unattractive and irritating.

When these things continue to happen even after you have tried to shift your focus or change your thoughts, you can still use the option to change your response. Instead of telling your partner that the food he cooked for you doesn’t taste that good, replace your judgment with humility by smiling and appreciating his time and effort. Remember that it’s not all the time that your opinion matters. Also, you won’t achieve anything by making your partner feel bad about his sweet gestures.

Here are other effective ways to soothe the flames of madness and displeasure by Dr. Deborah L. Davis.

Ladies, regulating your own emotions and changing the way you deal with negative situations can bring you peace of mind, boost your mental strength, increase your productivity and improve your connections. So, take time to ask yourself these questions to ward off unwanted complications in your life.


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