7 Simple Ways To Improve Your Life

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Life can always be better. We should always look for ways to improve our lives, even when (or if) seems to be perfect at the moment.

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When I was younger, I was kind of an introvert. I didn’t feel comfortable socializing with people except for a few friends from school and one from my neighborhood named Cathy.

I had trust issues, so I was very choosy with the people I hung out with. Since Cathy was my mother’s friend’s daughter, we had the opportunity to get to know each other and became friends.

We were both 16 and as teenagers, we were dealing with the same issues about family problems, school issues, and having a boyfriend.

One time, she asked me to accompany her to the mall. When we got there, I didn’t know that she was going to meet her boyfriend. However, while the three of us were eating lunch, one of her cousins from our neighborhood saw her and told her parents about it.

Her parents were very strict and they dealt with her when we got home.

When I checked on her the next day, she told me that she was prohibited from hanging out with me because I was a bad influence on her.

7 Simple Ways To Improve Your Life

1. If you are determined to create a life on your own terms, you have to be aggressive

It really confused me, so I demanded an explanation.

She told me that she used me as an excuse to meet her boyfriend that day. She told them that I was the one who needed company to go to the mall and it was all my idea to invite him there.

After that incident, I found out that her brothers were telling our neighbors all kinds of lies about me like I couldn’t finish my school work because I was so into boys and that I would probably become a teenage mom.

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2. Don’t let other people define you and take over your life

I didn’t say anything and just let them believe what they wanted to believe.

Cathy never defended me and wasn’t even sorry for what she had done. But I thanked her for one thing though, for teaching me how to cut toxic people out of my life.

Since I started to live by this principle, my life became much better. It was not an easy thing to do, but this is my life and it is my responsibility to live on my terms.

If someone is a threat to my peace, happiness, and growth, that person has to go. My life doesn’t have space for people who want to drag me down.

3. You can choose to wake up each morning excited to face the day or you can decide to live in your everyday nightmares

You have everything you need inside you to transform and create a new order in your life. You have the power to decide what needs changing and what turns to make.

In “How to Keep Things Exciting When You’ve Been Dating Forever,” Matthew Hussey focuses on one of the major reasons why long-term couples leave their relationships.

4. You can deal with what you can change. However, when addressing things that are beyond your control, you have to deal with your attitude

He points out that in order to increase relationship satisfaction; couples should be more willing to engage in “sexual transformations.”

If you really want your relationship to stay fulfilling, you need to be bold. Talk openly to your partner about sex and his fantasies. Make a move to get creative with your sex adventures and try to be more proactive by making suggestions like using a toy or perhaps wearing a costume.

5. Change is inevitable; that’s why we have to learn to adapt and make significant shifts that will allow us to progress.

There are certain events that we cannot control, such as the economy and major developments in technology. We can’t make these things slow down; we just have to keep up.

Nowadays, we are in the “era of customers” when everyone is changing the way they deal with them. If you want to stick with your traditional approach, you’ll be left behind. You have to be flexible and considering re-inventing your customer support.

6. If your current plans don’t seem to work, it probably needs some revisions

Don’t force it and be willing to try something new.

For years, I’ve tried different kinds of meal plans and workouts that would best suit my busy lifestyle, but I find it stressful.

Until I came across this new approach to eating and fitness called intermittent fasting or restricting your eating time period to 8 hours.

Switching to this type of diet can help you improve your insulin/leptin sensitivity, increase your metabolism, promote mental clarity, and more.

7. Break free of your negative habits

If you want positive changes, you have to lose your bad behavior patterns. This may take time, but you can always begin with the smallest steps.

Perhaps, you can start with your nails. Check this out – “10 Nail Sins to Avoid.”

Just remember that little changes can make a big difference in the long run. When you start making those little transformations now, I guarantee that you will always have something beautiful to look forward to in your life.


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