5 Ideas To Make Your Product Launch A Roaring Success

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There are many product launching ideas that can help increase your chances of making your product launch a raving success. This article will offer 5 proven product launch ideas that can help you jump start your launch and put you ahead of the pack. Some of the ideas you may have heard of before, others you may have not. Whatever the case, there are many variables involved with a launch, and you will want any advantage (legal and ethical) you can get.

New Product Launch

Here are 5 ideas you can put into action for your launch:

Idea #1: Offer A High Commission Rate

Having a high commission rate is a must to attract joint venture partners to promote your product. Some of these super affiliate partners have massive lists of subscribers that you can tap into, but to entice them to promote your product, you need to offer a commission rate that will attract them. In the information products arena, 50% to 75% commissions is the norm. For physical products, they can be in the range of 4% to 20%. But bear in mind that information products are cheaper to produce, that’s why high commission rates can be given.

Idea #2: Use A Proven Payment Processor

Using a proven payment processor gives your customers confidence in ordering your product. If you use a processor like ClickBank as well to process your payments and track your affiliate sales, more affiliates will also promote your product as ClickBank has been proven to pay out on time.

Idea #3: Split-Test Your Sales Copy

To maximize your sales conversions for your launch, you need to split-test your sales copy. Split-testing at its most basic means testing two sale pages by inserting a code on to your webpage. Split-testing can be done through a service like Google Website Optimizer or Hypertracker.

Idea #4: Create Swipe Files

To make it easy for joint venture partners and affiliates to promote your product, it is a good idea to provide swipe files for them that they can use to promote your product. These can include email ad copy, banner ads, sample blog posts, pay-per-click ads etc. The easier you make it for partners to promote your product, the more likely they are to push your product hard for you.

Idea #5: Have A Joint Venture Launch Contest

Having a contest for your launch spices things up and makes your launch exciting for joint venture partners. It gives them two incentives for promoting your product – the prizes or cash prizes available, and the bragging rights for securing the top spots in the contest. Joint venture partners can win cash prizes or hot products from your contest and gain recognition in the process. This is another product launching idea you can implement to really tip the scales in your favor.

Authored by Fabian Tan


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