Is This Even Healthy? 5 Very Odd Food Trends We’re Wondering About

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Health food trends are taking a major position in culture right now, with the likes of food trucks, fusion ethnic food, and even deep fried anything. Many of us have had our share of weird, yet delicious food like the cronut(you gotta try it!) and macaroons, but have you ever thought to try the healthier versions of strange food addictions such as a chocolate bar with crickets? Or maybe chocolate covered ants?

People have been eating, what we would consider by today’s standards odd,  for centuries. Many off the wall ideas from a long time ago have evolved to being very beneficial for humans.

If you are daring, or just are curious about trying something different, these 5 strange food trends will leave you salivating or running to the bathroom in no time!

#1) Blue Tinted Sunglasses to Ward Off Hunger

Now, I wouldn’t boil a pair of sunglasses to eat. Some major health problems, could ensue. However, blue is a color used in food advertising to make it look less appealing. You don’t eat unappealing food now do you? This is a popular food trend brewing(no pun intended) in Japan for those who wan to keep off a few pounds by staving off hunger.

We normally associate delicious looking food with warm colors, such as reds, yellows, oranges. These colors psychologically increase salivation in our mouths, enticing us to crave the food that we see. Blue, on the other hand, has the opposite effect. Blue is a calming color that is normally associated with sleep, relaxation, even stability. If you are the kind of person that eats a lot under stress, then this could be a fun option to try.

#2) Roundworm Egg Soup Anyone?

Another strange meal creeping up in the eastern hemisphere is ingesting roundworm eggs. Women who want to shed a few pounds for a safe online job interview or any special event, simply have to just cook up a plate of worms to fill them up.

Attributed to spleen enlargement and respiratory issues, I wouldn’t advise trying this at all, on a health scale, or any scale. It’s very dangerous and the cause other major problems.

If you want to  shed a few pounds, try a delicious bowl of “magical”  leek soup(said to help with water retention and aids in weight loss), which is much tastier and very healthy.

#3) The Sunlight Diet

This isn’t necessarily a food, or it maybe it is, it’s up for debate. “Breatharianism” or “Pranic Nourishment” is a term associated with the absorption of  nutrients provided by the sun, literally. It was started by an Indian guru by the name of Prahlad Jani, who claims to have not eaten in 70 years.

The ideal is that the human body doesn’t actually need a physical food for nourishment, but soaking in the sun daily will provide all the nutrients needed. There is no valid scientific evidence which proves this theory, but since the 90’s 4  people have died trying this diet method. My guess, is that it isn’t healthy at all.

In my opinion, half the fun in life is eating, but if you decide to go this route, try it out with the blue sunglasses.

#4) Hybrid As A Healthy Option

Hybrid foods means taking two different varieties and combining them. Examples, are the honeycrisp apple(supposedly tastes like rasberries), which is delicious by the way. Other options is the brusselkale salad, which just reached the U.S. market this year.

Mixing two different entities is the in thing right now and shows no signs of stopping. According to Tozer Seeds, the maker of brusselkale, states that hybrid food isn’t unhealthy at all.The brusselkale salad, for one is not genetically modified, instead it is grown by a process called crop breeding, which is changing the traits of plants to reach desired characteristics.

It’s an interesting concept that is up for debate. Think about that, next time you eat your steak with brocollini(a popular hybrid vegetable).

#5) Drinkable Quinoa?

Sounds like quite a grainy tasting drink, but co-founder, Gabriel Poblet Maristany of NUWI, has come up with quinoa in liquid form. Flavors such as apple, banana, strawberry, and blueberries have already hit supermarkets, along with ginger & carrot as well as split peas and tomato set to stock shelves soon.

I don’t know about you, but I prefer my quinoa in seed form. The idea of putting it in smoothies equates to the fact that we eat our fruits and vegetables that way, so why not quinoa? Well, for one, fruits and vegetables contain a high water content, so this makes them perfect for smoothies, not to mention, that they just taste good that way. Seeds do not contain any water, unless you cook them first. Whether or not quinoa is a viable option for smoothies is up for debate.

Food trends, like all trends really, come and go. Some have reputable health benefits, while others are best left to the imagination. Case in point, not everything.

Tell us what you think! What are some of the oddest health food trends that you have come across? What is a delicious but odd idea that you like to eat? Comments please!

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