4 Ways to Invest Your Money That Will Leave a Smile On Your Face Later

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Not everyone is an expert in investing money. If that were the case then we’d all be rich. It isn’t necessary to be an expert anyways, but there is a way to learn how to safely manage your money that will lead to the best returns for your future.

You’ve probably seen those commercials during the day about how taking out loans can save one’s life when placed in detrimental situations, facing a past-due bill or other debts. However, what these commercials will not tell you is that you have to give that money back. You aren’t saving money at all. In fact, you’ll probably end up owing more money than you did to begin with, especially after accrued interest.

When investing your money, it’s easy to just save by putting a little away for a raining day. On the other hand, your money is just sitting there. Have you ever thought about the ways to allow it to grow while saving? Expanding your cash flow is what investing is all about, and I’m here to show you how to actually gain some returns so that you don’t have to put up with with trying to play catch up in your later years.

#1) Educate Yourself

When thinking about the the next step in life, you may consider your own happiness or the future of your children. Investing in something is your own personal choice and can be used towards anything that you would like in the future, whether it’s purchasing a yacht or buying that million-dollar house in Manhattan Beach, Ca.

The first step in investing should always be to have some money to start out with, even if you only have as little as $10. Investing should also be about what’s best for you and your wellbeing. Getting advice from others is great if you want ideas, but investing should be a personal experience given that we all have varying needs and wants.

Also, you’ll need to understand why you’re investing and what you hope to get out of it. It’s one thing to blindly follow the leader because of someone else’s success with a particular service, but going into it blindly can lead to potentially damaging your earning potential.

#2) Pay Your Debts

Investing is futile if you have an endless list of outstanding debts. By paying off your debts, you won’t exactly earn money by doing so, but you’ll rid your financial bottomless pit.  This bodes well for you, because for one, you’ll be able to finally have a new start and possibly keep the money that you earn in the future. Another factor is that you’ll be paying off something that isn’t doing your finances any favors.

If you have accumulated up to $40,000 in debt from student loans with an interest rate of 25%, then this can lead you to up about 10,000 in one year. It may be a struggle but if  you pay off the $40,000 then you’ll actually earn back $10,000 in interest, which not only gives you peace of mind but will help you to gain money from assets.

#3) Money For A Rainy Day

Wouldn’t it be nice if it literally rained money? Since that’s just a fantasy, putting away money for a rainy day instead is a lot more practical. By putting away money for those times when we need it most, such as an unexpected layoff or health issue, you will be able to invest in yourself and not feel obligated to put your money in a high-risk account.

With options such as a basic savings account, you can put away money for the future, which is a great alternative to a market that is unstable. High risk investing is ideally more for those who can afford to lose money with ample room to play around. If a safety net best suits you, then low-risk options such as an emergency fund in stocks is best because of it’s ability to create dividend income.

#4) Keep Yourself Happy

Although investment should lead to financial growth, your happiness is important also. Paying yourself off will not only affect your overall outlook and wellbeing but might even save you money in the future. Although I’ve accumulated things for my home that pricier than I would like, the investment is that I won’t have to keep repurchasing products that eventually fall apart or invest in cheap clothes that rip at the seams. It might seem like it doesn’t help, but it does. Investing in better pieces and shopping less has helped me out in profound ways.

Your idea of happiness might be different from mine or the next person. Perhaps you would like to invest in your health. By exercising more and eating abundant healthy foods, you’ll possibly save money on healthcare expenses or the need to purchase prescriptions.

Investing in yourself isn’t a selfish endeavor and shouldn’t be. While saving your money, splurging a little on yourself will help you to keep the lifestyle that you so desire while saving money in the process. Be smart about your money though, it isn’t wise to go out and make purchases that you can’t afford. Investing in yourself should also come with discretion.

Investing for the future comes with a keen eye for what works for you and your lifestyle. be practical about your goals and your money will expand with it.

Please tell us what you think! Do you have a financial plan in mind for the future? What are some investment plans you are making for your future. Don’t forget to share!


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