How To Break Useless Routines & Motivate Yourself

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Have you ever reached a point in your life when you just feel tired when it comes to everything? When you don’t feel excited about anything at all? And when what is supposed to be an enjoyable thing starts to feel like an obligation?

I used to enjoy my work as a Quality Analyst for a telecom company. It all started as an 8-5 grind but as the company’s demands began to grow we were forced to work extra hours. And although the pay was good, it also became incredibly draining.

I wanted to break free but I was worried that I might have a hard time finding a new job and that I might just end up being broke. Until one day a terribly unfortunate circumstance happened to one of my office mates named Danielle. While taking a shower after coming home from work, she died from a brain aneurysm. Danielle was just 26.

When that happened to her, it really hit home and made me realize how short life is and how it doesn’t make sense not to pursue the things that make us happy.  So, I decided to quit my job and brave myself to look for opportunities and happiness somewhere else.

Boredom occurs when you are living a life that is not aligned with who you really are -your passion, aspirations and values. To get back on the right track and restore the excitement, here are simple practices that will help boredom-proof your life.

Work with Your Fears & Try to Un-label the Impossible

Taking risks can be a really scary experience because when you put yourself out there, you are also making yourself vulnerable to failures, rejections and uncertainties in life. However, if you don’t learn to step out of your comfort zone and move past your fears, you’ll get stuck and boredom will follow.

So, take bold and courageous actions for a change. When dealing with heartbreak, for instance, most people avoid discomfort and emptiness by reaching out to their exes, trying to re-establish friendships and asking help for closure.

Well ladies, there’s a right time for everything and I agree with writer Emily Torres that you should never contact your ex unless you have seriously thought about these 5 questions.

Your willpower to do the impossible, break away from your old routine and fears and your tolerance to pain and discomfort are the things that will make you grow and happy in the long run.

Get Excited With the Outcomes of Your Own Sacrifices

Working hard every day to achieve your goals can become tiresome. It’s also easy to lose your spirit especially when you encounter huge roadblocks along the way. At times like these, aside from reminding yourself about your purpose, it’s also important to get excited about enjoying the fruits of your labor.

Picturing yourself on the next chapter of your life and reaping the benefits of your sacrifices will help you stay motivated and driven.

And to stay inspired and remain on track while navigating the 21st century jungle, check this out – “4 Things to Keep In Mind If You’re a Millennial.”

Writer Lakshanika Lammeera provides some interesting guidelines on how to understand the components of the modern times and how to overcome various obstacles along the way.

Maintain a Healthy Level of Sanity

Indulge yourself in simple sensory pleasures that make you feel like you’re living in the moment. Give yourself a few minutes to enjoy or focus completely on the aroma of your coffee in the morning and the warmth of the cup on your hand. Listen to sweet music and let yourself be absorbed by it or take a cute photo of your pet. These simple things will remind you about the little wonders around you and will inspire you to appreciate life more.

Significantly increase positivity in your life by doing these “6 Simple Health Tips Delivered By Olympic Athletes.”

According to writer Julie Peirano, having a purpose and observing a healthy way of living allow you to elevate your performance and help you get through those dragging and spiritless days.

Look Deeper & Understand the Root of Your Boredom

Identify what’s not working in your life, your longings and what’s causing you to feel empty. Once you have figured out what’s making you feel disconnected with yourself, then you can start finding the answers and formulating the steps that will help you free yourself from monotony.

In the piece “You’re Trying to Find Happiness All Wrong. Here’s What It Really Takes,” writer Carine Genicot offers an interesting insight about quenching your thirst and attaining the inner satisfaction that you’re looking for. She suggests that by restoring your well-being and getting back to your true spiritual self, you will achieve inner peace, lasting contentment and genuine happiness, regardless of the circumstances.

You probably get disconnected with yourself along the way because you lack love, compassion and kindness in your heart. To realign yourself and be in tune with the universe, you have to try looking at the world from a different perspective, be willing to make considerate choices and preserve the link between yourself and all living things in this world.

Ladies, you have to realize that YOU are all that you need to unearth your happiness, create beautiful thoughts and make a positive difference. I hope that these self-cultivating practices I shared with you today will help you add more zest in your life and develop a higher purpose for your existence.

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