How To Become Successful In Life

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My friend Chrissy is one of the most hardworking and smartest women I’ve ever known. Her energy and spirit are so high that even Snoop Dogg wouldn’t be able to keep up.

This superwoman is a single mother, who as the breadwinner of her family is juggling two jobs while managing her own small online business on the side.

Amazed and curious about how she’s living her life, I asked her about her power source. What’s more unbelievable was that she just laughed at me and called me crazy.

On a serious note, she said her daughter gives her the motivation and the inspiration to do everything. She wanted her to have a good and secure life so she’ll do whatever it takes to make sure she gets that.

Success - go get it

How To Become Successful In Life

1. To win a game, you need a strategy; to build a life, you must have aspirations

I was moved. I thought she has some supernatural powers, but no, she’s a normal human being, just like you and me. But unlike most of us, she has a goal. Lots of them in fact.

She made me realize that all this time I’ve just been playing, running up and down the field of life without really having a plan to score.

Determined to make a life-changing decision, I set a mission-vision for myself. I’ve always wanted to be a stage actress, but I was too scared to get rejected.

2. Intelligence is the ability to formulate a solution to a problem, while courage is what enables us to take the first step to prove that our solution is correct.

But Chrissy’s spirit inspired me to give it a try. If she can do it, I can too. So, I went to my first audition and as expected, I got rejected. But surprisingly, it was one of the most superb moments of my life.

I finally had the courage to face my biggest fear and that made me unstoppable. Though the following casting calls weren’t promising for me because I was consistently turned down, I used it as my leverage to improve my skills and learn some techniques that I could apply in my next performances.

On my fifth tryout, I made it! I got the part of a maid who didn’t have many lines to deliver, but it was a big deal for me because I took pride in making my dreams happen.

3. Sometimes, all we need is that little “extra” to become extraordinary

In building our lives, never downgrade if you don’t have to. We should always work on upgrading ourselves, expanding our abilities, and becoming smarter so that we can keep moving towards our goals.

4. To unlock your full potential, begin by assessing yourself

You need to identify your strengths and weaknesses so that you’ll know where to focus.

If your focus is on making your relationships better, this piece by Susan Krauss will be very helpful – “6 Questions to Determine Your True Intimacy Quotient.”

The writer explains that in order for us to have enduring relationships, we should have a solid sense of self. And it is only after we have this firm identity that we can move on and merge it with our partners.

The piece includes a 6-item quiz, an assessment of your score, and how you can use them to improve your romantic affairs.

I guess it’s human nature to crave intimacy, however, most of us fail to understand what it really requires.

5. Sharpen your intellect by being inspired by your own failures

Fear is worse than failure because it stops you from discovering your abilities. So, challenge yourself by keeping an optimistic approach when facing life’s roadblocks.

Travis Bradberry explains how smart people use “misadventures” to their advantage.

He said that true innovators take things further and see their failures as part of their success.

Don’t let your past mistakes and bad decisions neither define you nor derail you from achieving your goals.
Instead, use your experience to see things from a higher perspective, gain new ideas and expand your thinking.

6. Learn from the best people: study their habits and integrate them into your regular routine

Get inspiration from people who have already proven themselves in their fields. Listen to their stories and adapt their best values and best practices. It will help you cultivate your physical and mental well-being.

Take life advice from people like British Sprinter Charles Eugster, also known as the healthiest old person on the planet.

This 96-year-old athlete is living the life! I find the whole interview really interesting from staying in shape, increasing libido, eating meat and not getting scared of fat, and changing the world by inspiring people.

7. Strengthen your brain by thinking outside the box.

Take a different route from time to time. It may feel awkward at first, but it can lead to unexpected and extraordinary results.

When you use this approach, you widen your imagination, remove the barriers that challenge your capacity to think, and enable your brain to find new alternatives and see things from a different perspective.

Having healthy and active brain waves is essential to achieving success and happiness. But it is only half the work, you need to set goals, take action and commit to being the best that you can be.


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