Learn to Let Go Of the Things In Life Holding You Back In Order to Be More Wild, Happy, & Free

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Do you know anyone in your life that’s happy, wild and free? Well, I know one. My friend Lauren is exactly just that – pretty, bubbly and smart. And because of that, many other women are jealous of her.

Actually, I used to be one of those people who had secret feelings of envy towards her. Way back then, my life was full of frustration, resentment and hopelessness and you couldn’t really blame me if I felt bad about myself whenever I would see her or hang out with her.

But everything changed when I started to get to know her more. I found out that Lauren had a 5-year old daughter and is a single-mom. The father of her child dumped her after she told him that she was pregnant. So, she had to raise her kid on her own. Also, she didn’t come from a rich family so she really had to work twice as hard to support herself and fulfill her obligations.

So, Lauren sold clothes and accessories online while working 9-5. When she had enough savings, she decided to put up her own food cart business and open it for franchise. She accomplished all of that in just 4 years. Now, she’s a self-made millionaire.

Her story made me look past all the material things that she has and instead I saw her sacrifices and everything she has had to go through to be where she’s at right now. So, instead of being jealous and feeling bad about myself, I made her my inspiration to do better and become smarter in life.

Ladies, it’s not always about being pretty and being able to afford expensive bags and branded clothes. To be able to be truly happy, wild and free, you must first have purpose.

Here are foolproof ways to un-burden yourself, un-complicate your life and become a real free-spirited beauty.

Be Emotionally Healthy

In order to create happiness and wild moments, you need to kick some old habits that are just setting you up for a life of mediocrity. Rather than ignoring your pain and sadness, own it, accept that you are imperfect and that it’s okay to make mistakes sometimes. Understand that there are things in this life that you cannot control but it doesn’t change the fact that you are worthy of love and happiness.

Maintain a healthy sense of ego by setting mindful boundaries, observing without judgement and embracing your own unique craziness.

Zara Barrie shares a perfect example in her piece “How to Tell If You’re Being Healthy Jealous or a Crazy, Jealous Bitch.”

I agree with her when she says that it’s totally normal and human to feel jealous. It’s okay to be protective of your loved ones and possessions. However, you should find a healthy balance between what’s overly aggressive and being easily manipulated; and being so dominating and being powerless.

If you find yourself always stalking your partner on social media, bursting with anger whenever you see him checking out a hot chick and slashing his tires when other girls are going after him, I suggest that you take a moment to examine your emotional health and ask for professional help to keep it in check.

Fulfill What Your Heart Truly Desires

Oftentimes, dreaming big and going after what you want can be terrifying because you’re worried that people may laugh at you or you might get rejected or you might fail. But you know what? Failure happens. It’s part of life.  It is necessary for you to grow.

It is not possible to achieve authentic happiness and real freedom when you’re not brave enough to confront your fears. To be able to pursue what your heart truly desires, you must step forward and claim it!

If you want to own a business and become your own boss, for instance, you should make good use of your skills and talents and be willing to work as hard as you can.

Here are some useful ideas to produce the capital you need and launch your dreams – “5 Steps to Starting a Business While Working Full-Time.”

Ladies, just remember that there’s no blueprint for success so you always have to put forward your best effort and insist on persevering through the most challenging days.

Get Moving

Exercising increases your energy and well-being. Sweating out your stress and depression is a form of a wild release of negativity inside your body. Aside from burning your fat, movement inspires you to enhance your frame of mind and feel happier.

So, instead of just sitting there feeling sick and weak, get moving and try this high intensity workout that will wake you up even at the crack of dawn.

Listen to Your Inner Voice

Talking less and listening more don’t seem like wild things, but in fact, they help you conserve your energy, increase your presence and free yourself from stress and life’s dramas.

In fact, there are certain scientific studies that prove that silence is much more important to our brains than we think. Some of it’s possible benefits are:

• Brain cell regeneration
• Better memory, emotion and learning
• Self-discovery or self-recognition
• Relives tension and stress

A little silence may be all you need to be truly free. So, it might be a good idea to go out today and have a quiet walk in the park or go to a peaceful place.

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