8 Hollywood Beauty Secrets From Your Favorite Stars

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Have you ever wondered how your favorite stars stay in shape and look so beautiful? We’ve got some beautiful celebrities in movies and on TV these days. Let’s look in at some Hollywood beauty secrets and see what we can learn from their beauty.

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Celebrity Hollywood Beauty Secrets Revealed

1. Naya Rivera

In order to stay active and fit, Naya Rivera prefers to jump on her bike. It’s not just Miss Rivera though. Thousands of miles of bicycle lanes have been added to the roads in the United States and as a result, bicyclists have been coming out of the woodwork.

It’s also a fast way to burn calories. In about 60 minutes, a woman that weighs about 140 and is going about 12 miles per hour can burn 488 calories.

Just think about it, if you live within 5 miles of your place of business, you can ride your bike to work. Not only can you workout on your way to work and home (hooray for time management), you can also be environmentally friendly while you’re doing exercising.

2. Sofia Vergara

Moderation is Sofia Vergara’s motto. It makes sense though. She is a gorgeous and curvaceous woman. While doing things in moderation (portion sizes during meals and snacks, moderating your alcohol intake, etc.) can keep you from gaining weight, it’s also a great habit to form for your long term health and wellness.

3. Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama hits the gym at 4:30 AM, before her kids get up. It’s a great time to work out. Not only can you exercise in peace (before your kids and hubby wake up) but it is a good way to wake up and start your day.

4. Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman keeps her porcelain skin safe by reducing the amount of time that she’s out in the sun. She doesn’t sun bathe. Sunbathing is an unhealthy practice after all. Unfortunately, not everyone realizes that.

While the vitamin D that we get from the sun is essential for our mood and our health, the ultraviolet rays that we get from the sun damages our skin cells and can cause cancer.

Let me put it this way, every time you get sunburned, the more that damage adds up, leading to the development of skin cancer and melanoma. Tanning is your body’s way of protecting itself from UV rays (your skin releases melanin to protect itself from the sun).

Still wish for a beautiful tan?

5. Vanessa Williams

Vanessa Williams stays healthy and fit with fun activities like salsa dancing. She also keeps slim and active by doing pilates. Dancing is a great way to keep active. It also helps you stay social and helps you meet new people. That also helps elevate your mood and keeps your mind healthy.

6. Mary-Louise Parker

She doesn’t smoke and doesn’t drink very often. Moderating your alcohol intake can reduce your risk of developing heart disease, a stroke, gallstones, diabetes, and of dying of a heart attack. So what does “moderating your alcohol intake” mean? If you choose to drink, don’t exceed one drink per day.

7. Salma Hayek

The sense of smell is powerful. It is linked to memory and perception which is one of the reasons why we can get a whiff of something and be instantly reminded of a memory from our childhood. That’s probably one of the reasons why Salma Hayek is always making sure that she smells great. She is even known to put on perfume when she’s all by herself.

Not only that, but we have an opposite reaction to smell than our other senses. With sight (for example) we identify the stimulus (like a flower) and then we react emotionally (“Oooh, that’s pretty.”). But with smell, it is the opposite, we will react emotionally first (“What’s that smell? It reminds me of my grandma.”) and then we’ll identify the stimulus (“Oh, it’s the apple pie in the oven.”).

8. Naomi Watts

The calming effects of meditation keep Naomi Watts calm and steady. She also enjoys the outdoors by walking and meditating outside by the trees and water. While some of you that live in the city aren’t able to get the calming effects of the trees and water, a pair of noise-canceling headphones can help you meditate. It is great for your mind, body, and spirit.

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