4 Gift Ideas For Mom That She’ll Actually Enjoy

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Moms are special, and at least once a year we celebrate them (we should all be doing this a lot more!). If you struggle to come up with meaningful gift ideas for mom, you’ll love our 4 suggestions below!

Flowers for mom, set on a table outdoors

Mother’s day is quickly approaching, and sometimes it seems like there’s no present big enough to show her how much you appreciate all that she has done for you.

When you were little, you made school projects, and brought her plants in Styrofoam cups. You cut out hearts and flowers from construction paper, and wrote in large, crooked letters. She loved all of it.

However, now that you’re older, it seems more and more difficult to find the perfect thing that really encompasses everything you want to say to her. The cards and flowers just don’t seem to be enough.

Well, today I’ll share with you a few ways to show her how much you really love her without breaking the bank. Check out these four gift ideas for mom you can give her this Mother’s Day!

Memorable Gift Ideas For Mom

#1) Dinner for two

Despite your differences in character, you and your mother have a very special bond. It is important to nurture that bond as she has nurtured you throughout the years. So, this year, take your mother out for dinner, just the two of you. Treat her to her favorite meal.

Create a card with a certificate for “dinner for two: just me and you,” to show her that you want to have some quality time with her.

Many times, all your mom wants is your time. She spent so much time raising you, giving you everything she could give you. Now, she might never ask for it, but what she really wants is time with you. So, give her the ultimate gift of time well spent.

#2) Hand crafted memories

Remember all of those rugged cards you made for your mom during the holidays? You may think they seem silly now, but a handmade item is just the ticket to showing your mother how much you love and appreciate her.

It doesn’t cost much, and she deserves something with a special touch!

"I love you mom" teddy bears


Start with the card itself. Now, you don’t have to be overly crafty to create the perfect Mother’s Day card. As a matter of fact, if your mom knows you aren’t crafty, your gesture will be that much more important to her.

There are a lot of different ways to make cards. If you don’t think you are the crafty type, you may want to start with a card making kit. These are relatively inexpensive, and can be found at any craft or scrapbook store. They are great for craft starters, and they come with instructions that are easy to follow.

Check out this instructional video if you want to start a card making project this week:

Along with the card, there are dozens upon dozens of other gifts you can make for your mom this Mother’s Day. YouTube has so many DIY videos that can get you started.

Remember that this is a sentimental holiday, so you want to really bring out the best memories in everything that you make for your mom.

For example, on Mother’s Day, I like to make scrapbooks for my mom to show her all of the things we’ve been doing throughout the year. I like to add the adages and lessons that she has taught me to each page to show her that I’m applying everything I’ve learned to my daily life. This year, I’m making a book of everyone’s favorite “Mom” quotes, because my mom truly is a funny lady.

For tons of easy DIY gifts for Mom, get started by checking out this video:

#3) Then & now pictures

A huge trend right now is recreating pictures from the past. If you and your siblings took some ridiculous picture when you were younger, try to get everyone together to recreate your mom’s favorite. These are some of the greatest gifts that you can give a mother, because it takes her back to the old days.

It might be a little difficult getting everyone together as you get older, but a great way to sidestep this issue is to have everyone pose in the position they were in in the original picture. Have them pose in front of a white background separately. Use the power of the internet and Photoshop to bring everyone together in the same pose as the original picture.

This is such a great gift for mothers, because it shows their children playing and laughing as they once did.

#4) A proper pampering

Foot spa


Let’s go back to spending some quality time with Mom. She deserves it, and you want to give her the opportunity to talk to you on the adult level. For this reason, scheduling a full spa day with your mom is one of the greatest gifts for Mother’s Day.

Remember that thirty-six hours of labor she never let you forget when you were a child? It’s time to pay her back by spoiling her from head to toe.

Start with haircuts and styles. Move on to manicures and pedicures. If you want to get bold, side-by-side massages are the way to go.

I remember when I took my mom to get her first pedicure. She hated showing people her feet, so she was 62 when she got her first pedicure. The first time the lady touched her feet, she completely seized in her chair. As the lady began massaging her leg, she completely melted. It was the most glorious thing I have ever seen.

If money is tight, run to the store and buy a cheapo foot spa. You can usually find these for under thirty dollars. Give your mom a special pedicure from you. What better way to show mom how much you appreciate her than to give her the ultimate foot rub?

Your mother loved you all your life. Now, it is time to show her how much you appreciate her. Mother’s Day was created to show women that the work they do is appreciated by everyone in the house. Therefore, this year, give your mom the best gift of all time without breaking your bank. Give her the gift of time, a homemade gift from the heart and or a complete relaxation day. What are some of your favorite Mother’s Day gift ideas? Share with us in the comments below!

Author: Reaghan Belfor

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