Embrace Creativity & Change the Way You Find Happiness

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Ladies I know that when it comes to being happy there are a million ways to achieve it. You can follow your ego around all the time, letting it get you into trouble and occasionally experiencing something that feels like happiness.

Or you can begin to understand that always giving into your emotions of self-satisfaction can actually have a negative effect and might be the cause for certain unnecessary stress and tension in your life. You don’t have to win every argument, always be the center of attention, and allow your emotions to dictate your happiness.

  • Check out what the keys are to achieving an advanced level of happiness that your ego might not like, but will have to get used to
  • And if you think being rich is a path to happiness you are right, but it’s not about the money
  • It’s all about being creative and embracing your different perspective on the world
  • Like when Valentine’s Day arrives and you use it as a reminder of how much you truly love your partner

What exactly is an advanced level of happiness?

It comes from putting your ego’s wants aside for a change and learning how to be more passive about things in life. Dr. Robert Puff explains in his article on how having advanced happiness skills comes with the ability to detach yourself and your emotions from certain situations where negativity might arise from them.

It’s not about being cold or uncaring, but about letting go of the want from your ego to always control everything. By learning to be more passive you can look at things from an outside point of view and decide the level of involvement you want to have with them.

Disengaging from every little matter and freeing your emotions up from the tangled mess they create for you will lead to you experiencing a more fluid sense of happiness.

And the best part is you will train your ego to not get so worked up all the time, allowing you to experience life with less stress and negativity as well.

An area that can cause your ego to flare up in more ways than one is money. We all want to be rich, but what does that really mean?

It’s not just about having a lot of money according to self-made millionaire Daniel Ally in his piece The Only 5 Ways You Can Become Rich.

It starts with adopting the belief that being rich comes from experiences and not dollar bills. The people you meet, the opportunities you take, the lives you touch and help are what contribute to a rich life. The money is just an effect of being successful, and it is certainly nice too.

Ally believes that in order to get those end results, you have to change yourself from being a consumer to a producer. Instead of just eating food, you make it for others. Rather than just watching inspiring or informative videos on the internet, make your own for other people to watch and learn.

It’s all about working towards providing something else for other people, rather than just working for a business that does that.

You can also benefit by leaving behind any lifestyles or activities that could possibly be hindering you from advancing, like bad influences and places that only hold you back. Shed the negative aspects of your life and surround yourself with the kinds of things you know you are meant for.

Like embracing every creative, goofy, ridiculous, awesome, and unique thing about yourself no matter how disorganized it might seem. There is beauty in chaos if you are curious and flexible with how you bring it all together.

Writer Julie Ann Exter explains this in her piece, Why the Most Creative People Are Hot Messes (in a Good Way). You can rest assured that when it comes to having ideas out of the norm and a seemingly unorganized way of handling them, Exeter says you shouldn’t have it any other way.

Creativity is a messy process and because of the organic nature with which it springs forth to life, it’s just always going to be like that. So embrace it and keep your ideas flowing ladies!

Keep the Love Flowing As Well, Long After the 14th of February

When I saw the article Valentine’s Day—Love’s Amateur Night written by three medical professionals, I knew it was going to an interesting. The piece discusses a woman who confides that V-Day is her favorite time of the year to reconnect with her husband and how the two of them go all out to make it a special night. Even though most of the rest of the year things are kind of stale.

I got to thinking, why not observe yourself this year and see all the different things you feel about your significant other and try to always be inflating them all year long as opposed to just one night a year?

It could just be the thing that keeps you together to celebrate your love on February 14th, 2017, 2018,2019,2020….you get my point!

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