4 Telltale Signs You’re Doing Better Than You Think

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For many years, my friend Charisse dealt with the high expectations of her parents, from always having to be on her best behavior anywhere she went, to being the best in school and always obeying what they said and what they wanted for her to the T. As a consequence, Charisse would always beat herself up whenever she messed up a little.

practice makes progress

She would have a hard time forgiving herself whenever she made mistakes. She felt miserable and would always think that she wasn’t doing well enough. Eventually she started to doubt herself because her parents would always decide everything for her.

However, things changed when she left home after graduation. She decided to work in the city far away from her parents. She rented her own apartment and became an independent woman.

Even now, her parents still seem displeased with her accomplishments, but Charisse isn’t that affected by them anymore. By living alone, working for her own money and paying all her bills, she has learned to empower herself and realized that no matter what other people think, she’s fine with her life and that she can survive on her own.

Sometimes, you just have to open your eyes to what you have so that you’ll start to see all the progress you’ve made and realize you’re doing a great job despite some problems and issues here and there.

That being said, here are 4 signs you’re making significant accomplishments without even knowing it.

Signs You’re Doing Better Than You Think

1. You’ve Learned to Believe in Yourself

You’ve accepted the fact that you can’t please everyone and that’s okay. You’ve also learned to pursue what makes you happy. You’ve gained confidence in taking risks and in creating new opportunities for yourself.

In the piece “I Discovered What I Wanted Out of Life Only After My Marriage Ended,” writer Courtney Dercqu explains the importance of finding yourself first before you can build a strong and lasting relationship.

In my opinion, by letting your happiness and identity depend on someone or something else is like giving up a significant part of yourself that is necessary for growth and for discovering who you truly are and what makes you happy. Not to mention your passion and what you really want out of life becomes forgotten and lost. That’s why when you lose that someone or something, you will feel destroyed, hollowed, insecure, and incomplete.

When you stop living a life that is black and white, you will find confidence, courage and the inspiration to create positive changes, to make the impossible possible and to go after your dreams.

2. You’re Doing Work You Love

Another sign that you’re doing better than you think is when you’re earning a good amount of money from doing something that you enjoy. Regardless if you’re an employee or the boss, it doesn’t really matter long as you love what you do and life doesn’t feel like a matter of sheer survival.

But of course, life is not always perfect. So, it’s normal to run into some problems that are associated with being young, creative and energetic, such as not being taken seriously.

When this happens, writer Kat Boogaard suggests focusing on the situation that you have control over and putting your best foot forward in an effort to be perceived in the right way.

Here are some tips that you can implement to prove that you are worthy of respect and consideration of your colleagues, peers and superiors:

• Be respectable by being polite, honoring your deadlines, keeping promises and being dependable at work.
• Always communicate with confidence.
• Display some humility, but own your accomplishments and celebrate your wins.
• Criticisms and backhanded comments are always going to sting a little, but don’t let it destroy you or doubt yourself.

3. You Love Yourself More

You understand the importance of loving yourself so you release self-neglect and make self-care your priority. You accept your imperfections and build self-love by being more vigilant about what you eat, working out, avoiding habits that are harmful to your health, appreciating yourself and celebrating the good qualities you have.

By simply transforming the way you wash your face, you can turn patterns of challenge and pain into actions of love, care and joy. You can also bring new perspectives and visions at the beginning of your day.

4. You Don’t Let Unimportant Things Get to You

In a perfect world, people support each other’s happiness and success, live in peace and spread kindness every day. However, we don’t live in a perfect world. Some people will try to bring you down when they see that you’re doing better than them, drive you crazy and even hate you when they don’t know a single thing about you. But I think the good thing about that is that’s when you know you’re doing something great and that you’re actually doing better than you think.

So, try not to be bothered by these difficult people and unimportant things. Instead, make the most out of them by applying these 8 tips to smartly deal with people you don’t like.

Setting proper boundaries and observing proximity always work best for me. A bit of distance allows me to go my own way, avoid unnecessary confrontations, and at the same time, still be able to interact with those people that I find difficult to deal with.


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