5 Techniques to Help You Deal With Fine Hair

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Women across the country battle with their locks on a daily basis. We all have different battles to fight in the war on hairstyling. Some of us deal with the epic tangles of curls, while others deal with thick wiry strands, and still, others take on the battle with thin strands. Today, we’ll learn how to deal with fine hair.

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With the right products and strategies, thin hair is NOT a problem. If you are one in the army of fine hair, check out these five techniques for coping with it to help you get the style you want every time!

How To Deal With Fine Hair – 5 Easy Tips

1. Get the right haircut

Redhead with a bob haircut

Fine-haired women are blessed with the fact that they can get just about any haircut to help them achieve fashion at its finest. However, it is important to look at how much of that fine hair you are dealing with.

While most of us would think that getting layers is the number one go-to for women with fine hair, it is not always the case.

Those who have fine hair, but have a lot of it, should try to avoid layers. Layers are meant to give the illusion of volume which is what women with fine hair look for. However, if you have a lot of fine hair (i.e. your ponytail has more than a one-inch diameter), you don’t have to get layers.

As a matter of fact, layers are more detrimental to your hair, because they thin it out. So, if you have a lot of those fine strands, go for a straight cut, and ensure that your hairdresser does not come near you with that thinning razor!

The great thing about fine hair is the fact that you can choose from a number of styles to go with. Love curls? Go for it! Your hair will bounce around and feel great! On the other hand, if you want a short haircut, try a bob: it’s cute and youthful.

2. Give it a nice flat iron wave

Girl doing her hair with a flat iron

If you like to keep your hair straight, because you enjoy having different looks, you are in luck. On the days you want to add volume to your hair, give it a nice flat-iron wave. The flat iron is great for this because the high heat will keep you from using too many products (which can weigh down fine hair).

Giving your hair a nice wave or even a beach wave will help you add volume and bounce to those fine locks.

3. Get rid of static

Young girl with static hair

Anyone with fine hair knows the winter months mean one very terrible thing: static fly-aways. Nooooooo! If your hair suffers from static, it is time to take action.

The best defense against static is a dryer sheet. I know it seems weird, but it is actually a very effective way to get rid of static immediately. When your hair stands straight on end giving you a Medusa look, grab a dryer sheet.

Pet your head gently with the dryer sheet, and you will watch the static leave your hair. Keep a few dryer sheets in a baggie in your purse, just in case you are out and the static monster attacks!

Another way to tame the static is to put a drop of Argan oil in your palm, spread it on your hands, and run your hands through your hair.

This organic argan oil is my favorite!

4. Avoid tangles

Girl with tangled hair

One thing to note about fine hair is that it is more susceptible to breakage. If you are rocking a bob, you want to avoid that breakage more than anyone else, because it will be very apparent once it starts.

Clearly, a good conditioner will be your friend in this situation, but there are other techniques to help you avoid tangles. My first suggestion is to tell you to avoid teasing your hair. I know that it is one of your most powerful weapons in the battle against fine hair, but in the end, you will find that that ally is really just a frienemy.

My second suggestion is to brush your hair before you wash your hair. While we often think that it is better to brush after conditioning, there are some setbacks to brushing wet hair.

Always be gentle as you brush, starting at the bottom of the strand and working your way up. This will get the worst tangles out easier.

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5. Hello dry shampoo! Where have you been all my life?

Jars with dry shampoo powder

Every woman should have a bottle of dry shampoo on hand for the days where you really need to add texture, but don’t have time to wash, dry, and style. For women with fine hair, dry shampoo is a must. Fine hair has a tendency to get oil pretty quickly, and over-shampooing can lead to bad things.

Using dry shampoo on your fine hair means that you only need to add the additional washing three to four times per week. This is excellent news as the residues from regular shampoos and conditioners can hurt your scalp and eventually weigh your hair down.

Having fine hair is not the end of the world. As a matter of fact, once you realize what works best for your fine hair, a whole new world is opened up to you. Remember to find the haircut that best works for you, and grab some waves to boost your volume. Be sure to avoid tangles and get rid of static. In the end, dry shampoo is your greatest ally.

What are some ways you cope with fine hair? Share with us in the comments below!

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