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OK, so I know it’s been like almost two weeks since Valentine’s Day happened, which by the way I hope was everything you wanted it to be, especially if you wanted a relaxing night at home, but I just had to share this awesomely romantic date story.

Cassie and Daniel are a couple of five years who decided that for the 14th they would get a little creative with romance and class up a night out at their local Taco Bell.

Talk about two people who are clearly secure in their love for each other!

Personally, I thought this idea was genius because instead of just making the day into a joke by going to eat at a fast food place, they went that extra mile to still keep the romance and love center stage.

And that’s what it’s all about really, just being with the person you love and knowing that things like $75 lobster or dollar menu soft tacos have absolutely no bearing on that bond. I myself find that I am the happiest when we’re just curled up on the couch with a pizza and some ice cream actually! And I don’t always want that, but the fact that it’s all I need makes me feel pretty good inside.

Like Cassie and Daniel have figured out, love needs to be nurtured and practiced as if it were a living, breathing instrument. OK, that’s a weird analogy, but it’s true!  You know what I do every morning before I leave the house? It might sound corny, but I leave him love notes for when he wakes up. Little reminders of how and why I find him to be so irresistible to me. And it’s done with no expectation for any notes in return, but guess what? He’s started writing them back!

It’s just one small way to influence each other with your love and keep your story going strong.

Speaking of influence, I recently read a very helpful article on how important it is when it comes to your business goals. Writer Julia McCoy explains in her piece, How to Create Relationships With Influencers to Boost Your Content Reach.

What you learn is that when it comes to engaging people and building your brand, content creation only accounts for 20% of the workload, while 80% is marketing. Unless you have discovered the cure for cancer, this statement will be true for all new entrepreneurs.

But getting the attention your ideas and business deserves does not have to be a struggle if you understand and follow some of McCoy’s tips. For instance, she says that if you want to be successful when reaching out to potential influencers to help promote your product, repost your videos, or attract others to your business then you should focus on your target market like you would in any other demographics planning. Instead of just considering who your audience or customer is, look into who other people (or yourself!) follow and trust as it relates to your business or industry.

Maybe you want to make videos about some talent, skill, or knowledge you have or document the trials and tribulations of learning to do things you never did before as a way to help others overcome their fears. Whatever your goal is ladies search for people who can help you and even mentor you while you gain some steam.

One of the key differences in finding the right type of influencers for your business has to do with the actions of their audience. The best influencers are not only very active in their techniques, but they also spur action among their followers instead of just consumption. Think of them like teachers in your life who have inspired you along the way and influenced you enough to pick a path to take in pursuing your future. Those are the kind of influencers you want on your side.

Just don’t forget to take care of them when they help you out and always be building those relationships to take your business places you might have never thought.

Another interesting article I came across was about practicing mindful eating and how it can actually help you to stop over eating and may even lead to weight loss over time. That’s the kind of weight loss plans I enjoy, the kind you barely notice but still take off the pounds!

You won’t lose 20lbs by practicing all 8 Tips That Make it Easier to Stop Eating When You’re Full, but you will learn how to eat better and might lose 5-10. Writer Zahra Barnes offers simple techniques like:

  • Putting your fork down between bites
  • Cutting your portions in half
  • Savoring every first bite
  • Turning your fork upside down to eat
  • Shutting off the TV
  • Drinking water 30 minutes before you eat
  • And clenching one hand into a fist while you eat, this one is weird I know, but they say it’s a psychological thing and it works!

Hey, everything is always worth a try, right? I mean maybe you will look a little strange eating dinner while halfway into a boxing pose, but it certainly won’t cost you anything to try it out.

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