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Have you ever had one of those days where you just can’t seem to get anything right? It’s like the sensitivity dial on life has been cranked up to max and short of being better than perfect, you just can’t win.

Those are usually the best times for you learn something about yourself, especially when you can observe your actions and respond in the appropriate way. That’s why it’s so important to always be engaging in teachable experiences, ladies. They help to make you a better woman.

  • The more the merrier. Get some of the most insightful advice about the traits and concepts that make a successful female entrepreneur from 24 women who have lived it
  • Then get a crash course in the qualities you should learn to cultivate for yourself and the people you want to work with from Netflix’s chief talent officer Patty McCord
  • Have the most memorable V-Day ever when you embrace the value of experience over tradition
  • Give the weight loss game a break and learn why easygoing yoga is your best bet for feeling better
The Best Advice Comes From Those Who Have Lived What They Teach

Do you happen to have that one wise old family member who you go to when you have a specific question about business? If not, I feel bad for you because that person usually has all the best answers.

For me it was my dad and his brutal honesty, while not what I always wanted to hear, was what I needed to know.

The same goes for the advice given by these 24 expert female business owners on how to achieve success.

Like the concept of self-actualization. Why is important? Because when you “follow your soul’s calling” you put yourself in line with the forces you need to succeed.

Make a declaration to yourself to create your identity, carve out the real you, and truly understand what is that defines who you are. No one else gets to do that, only you.

Get out a pen and paper and conduct the harshest grilling of yourself you’ve ever experienced. Work out your thoughts on the paper and let your stream of consciousness flow to uncover the stuff of you that will inspire your soul.

You’re the talk show host and the pen is your microphone.

Patty McCord Knows What Counts In People

OK, so Patty McCord used to be the chief talent officer over at Netflix when she created what others call, “the most important document ever to come out of the Valley.” Silicon that is.

Why the fuss? Because the 124-page document that McCord built to harbor a culture of excellence within the company has greatly attributed to its resounding success.

Although I did make it a Blockbuster night often in my 90’s heyday, I certainly don’t remember any shows or original content from them.

By basing the companies values around the BEHAVIORS and SKILLS of employees, McCord helped build an environment that rewarded people for not just being good at their job, but for being good people.

So what can you learn from this? Not to follow McCord’s words to a T, but to understand the next level type of commitment and approach you should have with your own business endeavors.

It comes back to that experience thing again. Having it, learning from it, and having it again, and learning from it again. Functional redundancy ladies!

Make V-Day All About the Different & New

A nice dinner, pretty flowers, maybe something nice for bedroom activities. Sound familiar? Maybe this year you should consider doing something totally different.

Why? Not only will it relieve a bunch of pressure from having to go through the stressful motions of the holiday, but it will give you a new perspective on life.

  • Take a cooking class with your partner
  • Thanksgiving & Christmas don’t have to be the only volunteer holidays, help out the community together and you’ll be spreading the love Valentine’s Day is always talking about
  • Go to a museum, make a picnic (weather permitting), or relax together with a massage

You can always go to a nice dinner, but it still won’t be as memorable as setting fire to the chicken the two of you prepare in a cooking class!

Don’t Think Of It As Losing Weight, Think Of It As Changing Your Life

I never wanted to do yoga because, ready for it? I didn’t like the sound of the word yoga.

Stupid I know, but then curiosity prevailed and it changed my life. I’m not like a yoga master or anything, but by performing it at my own pace through an outlier technique called easygoing yoga, I really began to feel the natural effect of its stress relieving powers.

Then it happened just like that. I lost 7lbs in a month without even trying! I’m not promising anything ladies, but I think you should take the yoga leap if you haven’t already.

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