Women Matter. One Woman Fights for the Right of Equal Treatment When It Comes to Sex

By Julie Redwood


When we think of libido pills, men usually come to mind: Viagra, SeroVital, and Staminol, the choices are plentiful.  However, when it comes to women and their sexual needs being met, where are the pills for that? That’s where Katherine Campbell decided to take action.

Katherine hopes to make the over-the-counter drug, flibanserin, available to women in need of something extra during sex. After her first child, something changed within Katherine. Like many women losing their libido after child birth, Katherine had zero desire for sex, which is why she hopes the pill is FDA approved soon.

“I had zero sexual desire. I don’t even say ‘low libido’, I say ‘no libido’, says Katherine, mother of two boys. “I went from being an incredibly flirtatious, sexually confident woman, being spontaneous, you know, usually the aggressive one and the one to initiate to not even thinking about it.”

Flibanserin has already been rejected twice due to safety concerns such as dizziness and nausea. However, those side effects aren’t huge concerns, as many drugs have the added side effects of  nausea and dizzines. According to Campbell, those excuses are simply cop outs.

To tell me that I can’t try a drug that could drastically improve my marriage, improve my life, because of dizziness and nausea is, to me, a cop out,” explains Campbell. “We’re again dismissing it and we need to pay more attention and we need to take this seriously for once.” “It’s just you and your lady.”

The Campbells are determined to fight for the rights of women to take pills addressing any sexual dysfunction. According to some studies, women suffer more from problems regarding sexual desires, yet their complains go unheard.

While researchers deliberate whether or not Flibanserin will be put on shelves, we can only hope that this won’t be the last time that this issue is put out in the open once and for all. For more information about this topic, visit www.womendeserve.org.

Please tell us what you think! Do you think a pill, such as Flibanserin, should be legal for women? Looking at the evidence, it seems unfair when you think about it. We’d like to hear your thoughts about the matter. Don’t forget to share this story!

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