With Her Whole Life Ahead Of Her, She Decided to Spend It Helping People She Never Met

By Valerie Miller

Like many graduates of college Maggie Doyne decided to take a year off after school and travel. She saw many exotic lands on her journey, but no other place had a bigger impact on her than Nepal. While she was there she saw the horrible living conditions in some of the villages and the way the children were growing up in it. She knew she had to do something.

It started with a phone call to her parents back in the U.S. that began Maggie’s real journey. She asked them to send her the $5,000 she saved from babysitting while in school and then set out to make the world a better place.

Maggie first formed the Kopila Valley Children’s Home in Surkhet, Nepal for the starving and needy kids of the community. Then she helped fund and build a school that now performs as one of the top ones in the entire area. Through her nonprofit organization Doyne’s Blink Now Foundation, Maggie is continuing her efforts to constantly improve the living conditions in Nepal.

Watch the video to see more of her amazing story and the reason why she was recently chosen as one of CNN’s Top Ten Heroes of 2015.

What do you think about Maggie’s story? Would you give up everything and move half way across the world with your whole life ahead of you to help those in need? Please tell us your thoughts and stories and share this with your friends and family!

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