Why This Turtle Has the Nickname “Terminator”

By Julie Redwood


No, this isn’t a new Terminator movie. A loggerhead sea turtle lost part of it’s face when a boat propeller swiped off it’s beak and jaw during a collision in the waters of the Mediterranean sea. Now, the sea turtle can live again thanks to Btech Innovation, a company that builds implants for people.

“We designed a custom implant for its upper and lower jaw and that perfectly mimics its healthy jaws and we made the necessary analyses, like element analysis, motion analysis so forth and so on and at the later stage we manufactured by 3D printing from a medical grade titanium,” explains Btech’s director of innovation by design, Kuntay Aktas.

The turtle, who lost it’s jaw was given a new one after being fed by the hands of Kuntay and his team. After sending Btech photos of the damaged jaw, the company was able to create scans of a new one using titanium. Although the company makes parts for humans only, this time there was an exception.

Hoping that the creature doesn’t reject it’s new implants, Kuntay other members of his research team will feed him until he is able to regain his strength to swim amongst his friends off the coast of Turkey.

What do you think about implants from a printer?  Are you excited to see them made for humans?  Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!


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