Which Style Of Yoga Do You Prefer?

Which Style Of Yoga Do You Prefer? 1
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By Rebecca Johnson

With yoga sweeping the nation over the past few years, there’s more and more techniques and styles that are starting to emerge. The basic reason to start doing yoga is to control your breathing, increase your flexibility, improve your strength, and your overall balance.

Knowing what style of yoga is best for you can be overwhelming. So I’m going to talk about the most common styles of yoga and what the focus in that style is.


Vinyasa yoga is described as a discipline that utilizes postures and breathing techniques. This form of yoga offers a wide range of health benefits to those who use it, as it enhances all areas of mind, body and spirit.

Most vinyasa yoga classes or routines will start off with the sun salutations which is a sequence of postures done in succession, one flowing into the next. Check out the video below to check out Vinyasa yoga.


Bikram yoga is definitely one of the most intense styles of yoga you’ll ever do. Make sure that you have a towel near by because you’re definitely going to sweat. Oh, and make sure you are hydrated enough to sweat that much.

The crazy part about this style of yoga is that they will turn up the heat in the room. That’s why you’re going to sweat like it’s going out of style. Trust me ladies; you’ll never look cute coming out of one of these classes.

Bikram is designed to warm up & stretch your muscles, tendons, and ligaments. If you want to try it at home; make sure you don’t forget to crank up your heat before you get started!



Iyengar is one of the most popular styles to use when starting out with yoga. You have to really pay attention to detail with this style of yoga. It’s all about the poses that are all within alignment of your body.

You’re going to push the limits of how to stand on your two feet. Poses may seem like a walk in the park but you’re going to have to push through barriers that you have put up on yourself. Interested in learning more about Iyengar? Check it out below!


Nude Yoga

Yes ladies, this is actually a thing. I know a lot of people that actually have experienced nude yoga – they make sure to go to a gender specific class. A lot of guys tend to go through these classes just to look at some ass… even though it’s not supposed to be a sexual experience.

So make sure if you’re interested in nude yoga, to stick around at a ladies only class. It goes without saying; nude yoga is a style of yoga without clothing. This style has been around for over 5,000 years and focuses on bringing your awareness to your body, strength, flexibility, and other health benefits.

The reason for being in the nude is to fight against the “restrictions” that clothing may provide. I’m not going to attach a video on this one because it’s similar to Vinyasa yoga and deals a lot with stationary poses.


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