When Her Wheelchair Stopped On Her, This 75-year Old Got More Help Than She Planned For

By Julie Redwood

If you could brighten someone’s day with just one small deed, would you? These Oklahoma City police officers did when they spotted Ms. Carroll, who was headed to the local Wal-Mart to purchase a┬ácake for her birthday when her motorized wheelchair stopped on her, ruining her plans. However, when Travis┬áVerneir and Amy Hanson saw what was going on, they offered to give her a ride and bought her cake instead.

When these officers saw what was happening they took action. It doesn’t take a grand gesture to help someone. You never know, what you think is insignificant could truly make someone’s day.

Have you ever been helped by an officer or anyone who has spotted you in distress? Perhaps you’ve helped another. Tell us your thoughts and please share your stories!

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