What is it about Birds in a Tree that We All Enjoy so Much?

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By Valerie Miller

Nature is pretty awesome sometimes. At least when it likes to show off for us. This clip was taken in the Netherlands by an amateur photographer who is absolutely delighted by what he has captured. At the sound of his giddy glee’s when the birds all depart from the tree, we experience that same wonder together. That’s the power of nature and it reminds us how deeply connected to it we are, even though our daily lives often don’t allow for us to see it.

Birds in a tree may not be as spectacular as say the northern lights or landing on a comet, but it must be making some impact at over 3,000,000 YouTube views in five days.

Do you like awesome impromptu displays of nature in all it’s glory like this one? How do you like to connect with your inner hippie, or at least entertain a casual appreciation for the natural world?



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