What Causes Hair Loss in Women – 8 Hair Loss Reasons

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Long, luscious locks are often associated with beauty, and, even if you have short hair, when that option is taken away from us it is distressing. So, what causes hair loss in women? Let’s look at the top reasons you might be losing your hair.

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8 Reasons For Hair Loss In Women

1. Stress

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If you’ve been in some kind of physical stress or trauma, such as childbirth, serious illness, or a taxing surgery, and experience hair loss, you might be experiencing Telogen effluvium. Since your hair works in a three-phase cycle (grow, rest, and shed), physical trauma can cause more hair to be pushed into the shedding phase.

Pregnancy is pretty traumatic which is why many new mothers experience an =onslaught of hair loss. I have personally experienced this after my second child, and it was scary! My temples were practically bare, and I wondered if I’d ever look normal again.

Now, emotional or mental stress can also jump-start the shedding process.

Remedy: The bad news is that you’re just going to have to wait this one out. The good news is that your hair will grow back, no problem. You’re just going to have to be patient.

As for emotional or mental stress, try to find some stress-relieving tips that work well for you:

Once you find a healthy stress management technique, your hair should start growing back.

2. Protein deficiency

Foods that contain protein: beans, green peas, and chickpeas

Your body needs protein to grow. It’s a fact of life. Some “fad” diets limit protein intake unintentionally. Because of this, your body starts to ration protein so that it can save it for more important things. This means that the protein normally used for hair is cut off and you start losing it.

Remedy: Protein is normally found in meat (things like lean beef, chicken, and fish) but also in things like eggs.

If you are a vegetarian, add green peas, quinoa, nuts, and nut butter, beans, chickpeas, tempeh and tofu, edamame, leafy greens, seeds, seitan (a meat substitute), non-dairy milk, and unsweetened cocoa powder. All of these are excellent sources of protein.

3. Too much vitamin A

If you overdo vitamin A supplements, it can trigger some hair loss. Really, overdoing any kind of medication will trigger hair loss (especially with vitamin A).

Remedy: Lucky for you, all you have to do is halt the vitamin A supplements, and your hair should start growing back.

4. Genetics

Unfortunately for me, my family has a genetic disposition for hair loss. Some of my female family members started losing hair at a certain age, which means that it’s probably going to happen to me too. It’s called androgenetic alopecia. Lucky for me, I like hats.

Remedy: There is a medication for it. For example, there is a Rogaine designed especially for women.

5. Vitamin B deficiency

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It’s not all too common in the United States but elsewhere, a vitamin B deficiency could cause hair loss. It’s not common in The States because of the foods that we eat, by the way.

Remedy: A simple supplement should do the trick but if you don’t like pills, try to start eating more Vitamin B rich foods like fish, non-citrus fruits, and starchy foods like potatoes.

6. Sudden weight loss

Yup, sudden weight loss can cause you to lose hair It is because your body thinks that it is a traumatic event (see #1 reason above).

Remedy: Wait it out for about six months. Your hair should start growing back after that.

7. Over styling

Girl using a curling iron to curl her hair

This one is a biggie because if you’re chemically treating your hair or shocking your poor tresses, it could start to damage your roots, which means that your hair won’t grow back.

So if you’re styling your hair every day, using hair treatments like they’re going out of style, wearing tight braids, hair weaves, or cornrows all the time, using chemical relaxers, or high heat you might want to cool it down a bit.

Remedy: Start letting your poor locks air-dry more and try to use conditioner every time you wash your hair. You’re also going to have to let your hair cool down. Also, try to limit it to about one use every week.

8. Anemia

Anemia is when you aren’t able to have enough iron in your blood (iron deficiency). This can occur because of a heavy period, poor diet, etc. It is another cause of hair loss. Now if you’re constantly tired and lethargic while you’re on your period (or if there is any other reason why you think you may be anemic) make sure to have your doctor do a blood check.

Remedy: A simple iron supplement should do the trick. When I had an iron deficiency in my youth, the doctor recommended Ferro sequels, and it was the best ever remedy. I felt like a new woman in just a few days. 

So, what causes hair loss in women?

As you can see, there are many causes of hair loss in women: from little things that can be easily fixed, like eating properly and getting the right vitamins, to signs like trying to remove stressors from your life, which might be quite complicated. Nonetheless, you hopefully have more knowledge now, and not stress, but rather take action.

8 reasons for hair loss in women


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